A greeting from Rob Mondoy to celebrate Easter Season (April 12 through May 31) 
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Wishing you all the power and the peace of this blessed season. It may have
taken awhile to download (my apologies and thanks at the same time).  An
Easter offering for you, with art, poetry and music.  With much joy, rob

"Come you all: enter the joy of your Lord.
You the first and you the last, receive alike your reward.
You rich and you poor, dance together.
You sober and you weaklings, celebrate the day.
You who have kept the fast and you who have not, rejoice today..."
[John Chrysostom (ca.347-407) from Byzantine Daily Worship]


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One of us, one of the many
crossed all passing currents,
changed the direction of field where everyone passes,
solitary grandeur in all creation
This Passage is called Pascha -- mysterium:
First they ran to a grotto with animals as in a stable--
and from afar they followed the star;
then they ran to the grave -- empty,
filled with luminosity,
then they climbed from the valley, steeply from Cedron's stream
under the city's overhanging cliffs
where they had put him to death.
And all those links in his death
(the valley, the stream, the cliffs, the city)
he has divided -- and rolls back not only the tombstone
but the whole earth, transforming the fields of passage,
though the stream of Cedron falls as before,
and as before, the stream of blood in man's body
steers towered death.
In each he planted a place of birth,
in each he unveiled a place of life
which grows, beyond death.
This place in the midst of a surging world
resists death; it also receives the resurrection
as simplest ignorance, the fullness of faith
as ferment
which gives the lie to the surging world.

Mysterium Paschale #4, by Karol Wojtyla (P. John Paul II)
Both citations: from Place of Passage; Contemporary Catholic Poetry
(ed. Craig & McCann) Story Line Press 2000
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