Pua Sadinia piano/vocal arrangement from ACHS Aloha Collection of Hawaiian Songs, Hopkins; Honolulu, 1899) pg. 054
ACHS version             Mondoy version  
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mdfmrddrl, Strmfrmm

1. Auhea wale ana | oe
Kuu pua sadi- | nia
I pulu i ke k- | hau
O ke kakahi- | aka.
I never will for- | get you
Gentle vow that you gave | me (mm.; sic)*
Eia n me | au
Kahi konikoni  | ai.
2. Noho aku au hoo-| lono
Ka o nehe a ka | wai **
A he waiwai nui ke a-| loha
A loko e hana | nei.                    [ACHS]
3. O ka nee mai a ka noe      [v.3 fr. KBMH]
Halii maila i uka
I hoopulu i ke k- hau
O ka malu hku- awa
*Gentle bow that you gave  me  [sic, in KBMH]  
**Ka ow nenehe a ka wai        [sic, in KBMH]
Pay heed to me
O my Gardenia blossom
Moist with dewdrops
Of the early morn

I never will forget you
Gentle vow that you gave me
Here it is within me
Where it throbs in my breast

I remain, listening
The rustling murmur of the water
Love is a great treasure
Causing tumult in my heart

The creeping mist
Spreading over the uplands
Moistened by the dew
In the shade of the valley

[Nogelmeier, 2004]

Hua lelo: Unknown, before 1888.  Noe Mahoe's book has the name "Lilia Keaumoku" ascribed at top of the page
Leo: ibid. or Nape (sic) 
KBMH pg. 103

Downbeat  (original pink) | ) markings as found in ACHS.  Downbeat  (editorial blue)  ) markings suggested to reflect current musical / linguistic practice and sensibilities. Midi Soundclip: 2004 Mondoy Music  All rights reserved. You have my permission to save this midi file to your desktop for your personal use.  If your use of this midi file goes beyond  home or school use, please contact me. Mahalo!

** You'll need to have an Hawaiian Font in your system to read the diacriticals correctly
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