The Choir Christmas Binder (Pink/Rose) for 2019
Organizing Your Pink/Rose Christmas Binder 12/24/2019

Take Note before you get to work updating your pink/rose binder....Remember the general rule for "colored" seasonal binders; do not add / remove anything unless explicitly instructed to :-)

1] Remove any SM/RM after SM 105.2
 after SM 105.2 Insert RM 126, 226, 326, 426, 505, 626. This is the current service music carrying over from Advent.
   a packet of this service music has been provided to you along with your pink/rose binder

No anthems this year

Questions? Call me or email me 845-8405, anytime. Thanks, eh, you guys.

CHOIR: click here for the general soundclips of Christmas Season.  Nothing new has been added so far.
CHOIR and ORCHESTRA: click here for Christmas season music menus.
ORCHESTRA: click here for Christmas orchestral parts.