Chrism Mass
: Liturgy Orchestra

Chrism Mass ORCHESTRAL PARTS; There two types of files: pdf files and pc files. For pdf files you'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader.  For pc files, first copy those pc files into your very own desktop folder, then view in Personal Composer Viewer. After Personal Composer Viewer is installed to your desktop, then you can save these files, print them, practice with them, and if your sound-card is OK, listen to the music. Mac Computers can't work with pc files, sorry; contact rob

General Order of Music for Chrism Mass, Honolulu         Download Complete Packet / All Years / All Instruments    
Gathering Rite: Jesus Christ, Yesterday, Today and For Ever Toolen    All years
Glory to God (Mass of Spirit and Grace) Manolo   All years
Kyrie (Missa de Angelis) Chant   All years

Responsorial Psalm: version A Ps. 89 "My Heart Shall Sing", [Kamiano] [Mondoy] p. 4  Years  11, 14, 17
Responsorial Psalm: version B Ps. 89 "Forever I Will Sing", [Mondoy] p. 5  Years  09, 12, 15    note score alt. slightly 2012
Responsorial Psalm: version C Ps. 89 "All My Life", [Harana] [Mondoy] p. 6  Years  10, 13, 16
Gospel Acclamation: version A "Praise to You, Lord Jesus Christ [SM 85] [Mondoy]  p. 7 Years 15
Gospel Acclamation: version B "Praise to You, Lord Jesus Christ [SM 92] Mesa Kahiko [Mondoy] p. 8 Years  10, 13, 16, 12
Gospel Acclamation: version C "Praise to You, O Christ Our Savior" [Farrell] p. 9 Years  09, 11, 14
Renewal of Priestly Commitment [Liu]  New version for 2012  All years 
Blessing of Oils: Pontifical Chrism Processional SM 99.1a [Dvorsak] p. 10 ff All years 

Intercessions for Dismissal of Catechumenate  [Liu] p. 11a All years 
You Are Mine [Haas] Play refrain only (piano intro= 4 measures)
All years 
Preparation of the Gifts Various Anthems 08, 09, 10, 11, 12 Ubi Caritas [Mondoy]   p. 12 area   No orchestra, please.
Eucharistic Acclamations:
2007-2012 Setting Two  Paschal Mystery Mass [Mondoy]  use same scores
Lord's Prayer Chant; major key [altered Liu]   No orchestra, please.
All years 
Lamb of God Agnus Dei; Missa de Angelis  No orchestra, please.
All years 
Communion Procession various  p. 30 area
09, 10, 11, 12:  In Remembrance of You ( Tate) || We Are God's Own People [Mondoy]
previous years: We Are Many Parts [Haugen]
suppressed since 2012
Pontifical Chrism Recessional SM 99.1b [Dvorsak] p. 40 ff
suppressed since 2011
Litany of the Holy Patrons SM 99.2 [Mondoy]   p. 41  

Leavetaking: All Praise to Thee [Engelberg]  p. 43 Years  10, 12, 14, 16
Leavetaking: O God Beyond All Praising [Thaxted]  p. 44 
Years  09, 11, 13, 15