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Attention: All interested individuals / All Diocesan Departments / Parishes
Re: Rates for All Services to the Diocese of Honolulu
In the interest of a just and more realistic compensation, the following rates are provided for various musical services. They are effective immediately. If you are a diocesan department, you may want to review your music budget, and accommodate these changes. The prices here are competitive. Others of professional caliper assess higher rates, and many musicians do not possess liturgical proficiency.
The "old" rates have been in place since 1984. If you believe these rates to be too high or unreasonable, then I recommend you inaugurate research into the true value of music in liturgy. Musicians are not a dime a dozen; in fact, good liturgical musicians are rare. I have consistently shown my personal musicianship to be professional, cordial, and pastoral. Not all musicians are able to provide quality liturgical music. I thank you for your continued support of my work with the People of God in Hawai`i.

Eucharist $150.00
Funerals* $150.00 *optional: Music for visitation before Eucharist @ hour $100.00
Weddings [simple rite or Nuptial Mass] $150.00
Liturgy of the Hours $150.00 Program Preparation @ hour $25.00
All programs and individual music selections are subject to my prior approval. All liturgical celebrations are celebrations of the church, not honorifics for individuals. Each celebration should demonstrate an enthusiastic awareness of the the church year and liturgical principles of simplicity, pre-eminence of the gathered assembly, and good musical and ritual taste.
All liturgical services may include extra fees for program preparations. The hourly rate of $25 is for consulting and typesetting. Your programs, even if self-made, must be reviewed by me for appropriateness. Music choices contrary to the official music documents will not be allowed.

Entertainment & Gigs
Entertainment services; [receptions and the like] 1st hour: $150.00

Workshops (For Parishes and other groups interested in workshops:)
Workshops per weeknight session: $150.00 [varies from 1 to 3 hours, depending on the range of topics and clients' needs].
Weekend workshops $275.00 [Friday night, Saturday morning]
a) The pastors and members of the parish liturgical commission must attend the entire workshop. You paid for it, might as well be there...
b) Need to communicate directly with the members of the parish music ministry beforehand to obtain a profile of their needs, viewpoints, and concerns.
c) ALL music ministers must attend the assigned workshop. No exceptions. These include directors, instrumentalists, songleaders, choir, planners..

d) The above will help for a more enthusiastic and comprehensive grasp of the liturgical principles to be taught. By right of our baptism, all Catholics are entitled to excellent Eucharistic celebrations. These attendance requirements are aimed at building community; excluding no one, including everyone.
e) The fee does not include airfare or accommodations.

Please don't hesitate to call or write me:
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