Listening to Midi files (Soundclips) / Saving them to your Computer / Creating CD's out of Midi files

You can listen to a MIDI file to practice your part alone or with all the parts.
Click either the  midi call-up graphic: (there are several; click for midi ,  click for MIDI ,   click for midi   ,   (or
• MIDI •)  , , the last object=midi plug-in. A midi file is a digital musical play-back, without a voice part.

If you want a voice-part to practice with,  click either the  mp3 file call-up graphic: 
You should be able to download either file types onto your computer at home. 

Your computer soundcard & MIDI:
The quality of midi playback is dependent on the quality of your soundcard. Inexpensive soundcards produce "cheap" results with these midi files. Soundblaster (by Creative Labs) is the best, and is the one I work with. If you do a lot of midi listening / recording, you won't be disappointed  incorporating Soundblaster in your computer.  More information on Sound Cards.    More information on MIDI

MIDI:  Downloading and saving files
You can even download the file to save to your computer, where you can practice off-line. 
To save a midi file to your computer, first call up the midi file, then click on "File" for your copy or save options.  It would be a good idea to create your own folder, say "MY MIDI FILES" 

Problems downloading Midi

Most visitors, when encountering midi-playing problems, get results when the midi set-up for their system allows reception of the midi call-ups.
I'm not technically qualified for trouble-shooting midi call-ups; you may have a more competent colleague than me to help you there. E kala mai ("sorry 'bout that"). 

There are some excellent midi players other than ones that may be on your computer.  I recommend downloading a trial copy of Sweet Midi Player, which permits you to isolate voices (tracks) and change the tempo of the midi for slower-practice. They even have a desktop "Piano" so you can play the pitches while studying your music scores.

MIDI:  Conversion to .wav files for making your own CD's
To create a CD out of your Midi files, you'll need a program that can convert a .mid file to a wav. file.  Two of the most common questions about MIDI conversion are "How can I convert MIDI to MP3?" and "Can I make a music CD from MIDI files?"

Both are possible, but the MIDI files must first be converted to WAV files. The resulting WAV files can then be burned to an audio CD using any CD recording program, or converted to MP3 files. Remember that WAV files, in general, are quite large, so you may consider archiving them on CD's or making them into MP3 files.

Conversion (Freeware) see Jet Audio
Conversion (Pay) (cost is $24.95).

Creative (as part of their Soundblaster Sound Card package) also has "Creative Wave Studio", which allows you to play real-time from any music source (including midi from your sound card) real-time, resulting in an edit-able wav file. The bonus here is that you'll also possess the best sound card on the market.

In general, choir directors and/or their assistants should have many of these programs in their possession anyway, at least to enhance choir readiness. Do consider updating your technical capacity by making these purchase. Demos, explanations and free trail versions are available from various vendors. There are many programs out there that will play these files with the control that a singer needs: track pan, track volume and tempo control. Some that I can recommend:

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