E Hele Mai Kškou Chapman & Massanari, arr. Mondoy (2004)
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1. E hele mai kškou iš ke Akua
E hele mai kškou nani a ikaika
E hele mai kškou ho'onani kona inoa
Ho'omana išia i kona alo nani.

HÔmeni kškou i ko kškou kahua,
HÔmeni kškou iš IesŁ ka Haku
Ho'omana kškou kŁlou ma mua,
HÔmeni kškou iš IesŁ ka Haku.
1. Sing to the Lord God, all your voices raise,
and bow in his presence, singing his praise.
Give God the glory because of his great fame.
Glorious, majestic, and honored be his holy name.

All sing your glory in your temple, O Yahweh.
All shout your honor, let every voice praise the Lord!
Strengthen your people, grant them your peace.
Praise God, creation, throughout the whole world

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Text: Hawaiian by Samuel K. Ka‘auwai (1957-1996), (Alternate text by R. Mondoy, 2004)
Music: Morris Chapman & Greg Massanari.  All rights reserved. Used with permission.
Arrangement by R. Mondoy © 2004 Mondoy Music   All rights reserved.
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