'O Ies Ka Phaku Kumu o ke Kihi Christ the Capstone (1988) Robert M. Mondoy
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 1. haele a'e p kkou
I ko Iue luakini la'a, alleluia.
E 'imi i ka phaku ola
N knaka i ha'alele ai
1. Let us together come, approaching God's holy temple To seek the living stone By mankind rejected

2.He phaku i ho''o 'ia
He phaku kihi maika'i n, alleluia.
'O ko kkou Haku; Ies Kristo
Ke Ho'la e hilina'i ai

2. A stone tested A very fine capstone
Our Lord, Jesus Christ, Our Savior; trust in him

3.'O Ies Krsito iho no ia
Ka phaku kumu o ke kihi, alleluia.
A ua kpili pono 'ia
Ka 'Ekalesia ma ona l.


It is Christ Jesus himself who is The cornerstone
And excellently fitted together is The Church in his light.

                                   Translation: Robert M. Mondoy

1e.Oh, God's people, let us rise and go forth to the living temple shaped by Christ, our capstone, alleluia.
And let us look to Christ, that living stone; rejected by the world, but precious in God's eyes.

2e. Said the Lord God in those times prophetic: "See, I lay the stone well-tested, precious to me," alleluia.
That cornerstone is Christ, our God, our brother, savior of the whole world; strong is our trust in Jesus.

3e.See how Jesus Christ himself, the capstone holds together all of us, the living temple, alleluia.
And through our Jesus all the Church is fitted as God's holy dwelling; pleasing to God, his people.

                           Singable English: Robert M. Mondoy

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1988  Mondoy Music  Hua 'lelo: Robert M. Lokomaika'i Snakenberg (1941-1990), after Ephesians 2, 20-22 and Isaiah 28, 16. English by Robert M. Mondoy (b.1952) Leo: Robert M. Mondoy, 1988. Composed to celebrate the Sesquicentennial of Kawaiaha'o Church; 2nd place winner in the Kawaiaha'o Sesquicentennial Composition Contest. Text and Music 1988 Mondoy Music. All rights reserved. Used with permission.
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