Alma Mater of Sacred Hearts Academy after  "Marche Lorraine" by Louis Ganne, (1862-1923) arr. after SHA score by R. Mondoy 2006

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True children of the Sacred Hearts
Loving thee, S.H.A.
Our dear Alma Mater we fondly hail
With tears of joy as we say

"One heart, one soul in all we do
Grateful and loyal, too
Most proud of our colors with love we hold
Our cherished white and gold!"

||: We love thee, dear Alma Mater,
All our lives we will endeavor
To uphold thy lofty standards
Thy motto will guide us forever
Loving children then we will be
Far and near surely thou wilt (will) see
Each of us striving most earnestly
In sorrow or joy to be
Faithful to thee! 

Midi & arrangement 2006   Mondoy Music  All rights reserved.
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Interestingly, "Marche Lorraine" is a patriotic text about the area where St. Joan of Arc comes from.
The march was particularly popular during the 1920's when the "Maid of Lorraine" was canonized in 1920.
More information on "Marche Lorraine" and its composer....a good test for your SHA French skills

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