271. We Who See and Love Our Lord from  "Lira no ka Po`e a ke Akua" Hymnbook [Guitar Edition] ed. Robert Mondoy  SJV: BH 268
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1. We who see and love our Lord, let our songs and praise afford,
Let the mighty song of all creation rise above,
Sing and play before our King,
O let our joyful hula bring to celebrate all the wonder of God’s love.

2. Let the peoples praise you, Lord, let their praise rise in accord,
May your blessing find a home, a place within each heart,
We to you devoted live,
For your sweet company you give, O happy we for the grace that you impart.

3. Jesus came to live on earth, God took on a human birth,
Such the power and the holy myst’ry of God’s grace.
Christ has died, and Christ is risen,
Christ will come again in glory; we rejoice in that myst’ry of God’s grace.

4. Though we come from far and near, all diverse we’ve gathered here,
One in bread and one in cup, the fruit of the true vine,
God of mercy, God of grace has shown us Jesus as his face,
O Shine upon us, shine upon us, Savior, shine.

5. Let the people shout "Amen!", may "Alleluias" never end.
May the Holy Spirit of this love move us today.
Shout "All Glory!: up above to this great God of wond’rous love,
All our being, all our heartfelt tribute pay.

Hua ‘ölelo: Robert M. Mondoy. Portions of some verses after God of Mercy, by H. F. Lyte (1793-1847) after Psalm 67 in Hymns Ancient and Modern. This arrangement ©1995 Mondoy Music. Leo: Äinahau, Princess Miriam Likelike (1851-1887); this version after current practice.If authorized*, you have permission to save this midi file to your desktop for your personal use.  You may print this page anytime. Any reproduction (photocopying or download-printing) of  the sheet music is ILLEGAL unless you  pay a royalty fee of $1.00.
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