SM 222 Holy Holy Holy from "Missa Jah" by Robert M. Mondoy
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A                    D                            A                                            E    E7
Holy, holy,   holy Lord,  God of power and might,   power and might
                       A       A7                    Bm    D          A/E     E7              A            E7
Heaven and earth are   full of your glory,          Hosanna           in the highest.
A                                                D                                                A 
Blessed is he, (blessed is he)   blessed is he (blessed..)  he who comes in the name, 
                             E       E7
the name of the Lord.
        A        A7            Bm    D        A/E   E7                A                    [A]
||: Hosanna      in the  highest,    Hosanna            in the highest.    :||

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