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1. Holy Child within the manger, long ago yet ever near;
Come as friend to ev’ry stranger, come as hope for ev’ry fear
As you lived to heal the broken, greet the outcast, free the bound
As you taught us love unspoken, teach us now where you are found

2. Once again we tell the story, how your love for us was shown
When the Image of your glory wore an image like our own.
Come, enlighten with your wisdom, come, and fill us with your grace.
May the fire of your compassion kindle ev’ry land and race.

3. Holy Child within the manger, lead us ever in your way,
So we see in ev’ry stranger how you come to us today.
In our lives and in our living give us strength to live in you,
That our hearts might be forgiving and our spirits strong and true.

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Text: Marty Haugen (b.1950) Tune: JOYOUS LIGHT 8787D, Marty Haugen. © 1987 G.I.A. Publications. All rights reserved.
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