BH (HW) 307 Jesus Took a Towel Waddell
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Jesus took a towel and he girded himself, Then he washed my feet, yes, he washed my feet,
Jesus took a basin and he knelt himself down, And he washed, yes, he washed my feet.

1. The heavens are the Lord's, and the earth is his, The clouds are his chariot, glory his cloak; He made the mountains, set the limits of the sea; And he stooped and washed my feet.

2.The hour had come, the Pasch was near; Jesus loved his own, loved them to the end. O Lord, let me see, let me understand Why you stooped and washed my feet.

3.Jesus came to Peter; Peter said to him, "Do you wash my feet? Lord, do you wash my feet?" Jesus knelt down, but Peter cried out, "Lord, you'll never wash my feet!"

4. Jesus said to Peter, "Don't you understand? If you want to be mine, I must wash your feet." "Then not just my feet, but my hand and my hands! O Lord, I want to be yours."

5. He is the King of kings and Lord of lords, Who dwells in light inaccessible; No one has seen him where he sits on high, Yet he stooped to wash my feet.

6. "Do you know, little children, what I've done for you? You call me Master, and you call me Lord. If I am your Master, and if I am your Lord, Then, what I've done, you must do."

7. Now friends. let's be glad, let our joy be full. For God is love, and he abides in us. He washed our feet, he washes them still When we do what he once did.

8. Who is like you, Lord, now enthroned on high, Where you look upon the heavens and the earth below? Before your face the earth trembles and quakes, Yet you stoop and wash my feet!

9. O the path is rugged, and the going is rough, The journey is long to our heavenly home, Our feet are weary and covered with mud, So the Lord still washes our feet.

Text: John 13: Chrysogonus Waddell, OSCO (b.1930)
Tune: JESUS TOOK A TOWEL, Chrysogonus Waddell, OSCO İGethsemani Abbey.
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