BH (HW) 309 TablePrayer Osterhuis

1. CH: Who according to human custom was named with a proper name when he in a distant past was born far from here?

2. % Who is called then Joshua, Jesus, son of Joseph, son of David, son of Jesse, son of Judah, son of Jacob, son of Abraham, son of Adam, son of people, who is also called Son of God, Savior, vision of peace, light of the world, way of life,

3. & Living bread, vine strongly growing, who, a loved one, and not fathomed, was preserved in word and sign as a cent'ries old secret, as a password handed down, as a strange familiar story, who became a name in my memory, the voice of my conscience,

4. % Who is also my truth. I remember him and I name him, as a dead man who is not dead, as a loved one who is living, who has chosen to live for the poorest of the poor, as a servant, as a brother, as the least of all people,

5.& Who in those days, when he passed through the villages of his district, gathered people and inspired them, reconciled them with each other, who lived not closed and not rigid, not haughty as a ruler, but in the form of a servant, who gave his life for his friends,

6. CH: Betrayed by a friend, who, driven to the cross, has prayed for his enemies, who, forsaken by God and people, has died like a slave,

7. & Who, the night he was betrayed, took and broke bread for his friends; then he also took the cup, passed them both around, saying this: "Take and eat, this is my body; take and drink, this is my blood. When you do this in my memory, I will be there for you."

8. % Who is scattered in the field as the smallest of the seeds, who there waits for a long winter in the silence of death, will be gathered as grain, will be broken as bread, to become man in people, who, hidden in his God,

9. &% Has become for us our peace, our longings come to rest, who greets us from his distance, who looks at us from close by, as a child, a friend, another. I remember him and I name him, and I recommend him to you, as your loved one, who is living,

10. CH: As the person who is next to you.

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Text: H. Osterhuis, tr. B. Nachbahr
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