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; Honolulu Diocese & 'Aha H´meni Songfest 2013

Lokomaika'i 'Aha H´meni Songfest  ** You'll need to have an Hawaiian Font in your system to read the diacriticals correctly. The Lokomaika'i 'Aha H´meni Songfest is a project of  H.A.L.I.A. (Hawaiian Arts & Liturgical Inculturation Awareness) for more information call Margaret Peters 261-3410 or Darlene Ah Yo 349-2009

October, 2013, Friday 7:00 p.m. at St. Theresa Co-Cathedral, Honolulu (Pńlama) 712 N. School. St. Honolulu  HI 96817  ph 521-1700
Free admission.   Meal with price - donations welcomed
Enjoy an evening of Hawaiian-style church music by several Oahu parish choirs.

Commemorative T-Shirts available for sale

This event encourages and promotes the use of Hawaiian music, language, and hula in our church celebrations.
These celebrations feature some newly-introduced compositions and arrangements of Hawaiian Sacred Music.  Thanks very much to the 'Aha H´meni Committee and the St. John Vianney community and staff, and all the participating choirs and their directors and composers  for their generosity of time, talent, and treasure. All in all, this will be an incredible night to remember, where even the smallest of choirs receives the largest of accolades! Spread the word.....the 'Aha H´meni has to be one of the best highlights of Hawaiian Inculturation and choral musicianship!

All-Group Songs 2013 click to play / listen  (you can make copies of music and recordings below for your choir)

In Christ There Is No East or West (He'eia)
Psalm 66 "Let All the Earth Cry Out" (Ma Ka Nani A'o Kaup÷)
For a Peaceful World (Aluli) Sheet Music, click title at left
We Who See and Love Our Lord ('─inahau)

Download Music for Your Choir   These are the songs all the choirs will sing.  Your choir's choice song is below: click on title for possible sound clips to practice with

St . John Vianney, Kaelepulu   ♪ Hoe A Mau  Mondoy Sheet Music
St. Joseph, Waipahu   ♪    Camacho  
Star of the Sea, Kahala    Morgan 
St. Anthony, Kailua
St. Theresa Co-Cathedral, Palama
Cathedral Of Our Lady of Peace, Honolulu  
Pearl Harbor Memorial Chapel Catholic Choir  ♪
Our Lady Of Sorrows, Wahiawa

Notice to ALL: If you have pictures of our performing choirs (not just yours..I have "zero"..)  from this and the previous 4 years, please do contact rob mondoymusic AT gmail DOT com. I'd like to post them (by years) on the website :-) 

Want to listen to 2013's presentaions? mp3 file downloadable here:   2013 Aha Himeni
Want to listen to 2012's presentaions? mp3 file downloadable here:   2012 Aha Himeni
Want to listen to 2011's presentaions? mp3 file downloadable here:   2011 Aha Himeni
Want to listen to 2010's presentations? mp3 file downloadable here:  2010 'Aha H´meni

Want to listen to 2009's presentations? mp3 file downloadable here:  2009 'Aha H´meni  This was the Damien Year Special Presentation

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