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Center West  Kualapuu The bottom right is part of the commercial center of the village.

Kualapu'u Market was run by the Yuen family.
The barbershop, in our day, was managed by Ryan Ushijima's grandmother. Later, Ray and Florence [Mondoy] Miller ran the barbershop. 

The Beauty shop was run my Kay Uemura, I believe.

The Post Office clerks were Charlie Nakagawa,  ___, and _____.

In this part of town, the plantation built washrooms that were shared by the families nearby. I'll label those on the map above and post it when I get more information.

The Filipino Bachelor's Quarters were called "blockhouses" - I don't know why. They housed the Sakada (Filipino contract laborers) who came primarily from Ilokos.

The community center halls ("clubhouses") and baseball field were directly behind the Blockhouse at the top right.

 House Ref | Parents names |
(residence dates) | Childrens' names

CW 1

CW 2 Mondoy, Luciano & Emiliana (r.1935 only)

CW 3 Guarian, N. & Rose

CW 4 Andres,

CW 5 Ushijima, Old Lady

CW 6 Colotario, Gaga & Nila (1937-1940)Manong Bihes (-)

CW 7 Lorenzo,
Madeline, Cisco

CW 8

CW 9 Diorec, Jose & Lucy
Richard, Leonard, Madeline, Jose
Patterson, Patrick, Allan, Randy (adoptd)

CW 10 Bustamente
Cecilia, Rachel, Joe, Leonard

CW 11 Abrahano, Antonio & Ruby
Rhody Ann, Lita, Toni Girl (Antonette), Toni Boy (Antonio)
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CW 12
Domingo, Ben ? Did this house actually exist in 1960? It is possible there was only ONE row of houses in this block....

CW 13 Sakurada

CW 14 Did this house actually exist in 1960?

CW 15

CW 16 Did this house actually exist in 1960?

CW 17 Alfonso, Eddie & Blanche
Milani, Eddie, Mary Ann, Betty Lou

CW 18 Did this house actually exist in 1960?

CW 19 Ancheta, Macario & Isabella
Priscilla, Evangeline, Joe, Lita, Julie

CW 20 Yuen , Sonny &
Junior, Guy, Leslie

CW 21 Daniels, Boogie &

CW 23-26
were built way after the plantation closed in 1988

CW 27 more than likely built after the plantation closed in 1988. Originally there was no house there. 

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