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Mission Statement:

    The Kualapuu Village Family Names Project is a public service (by Mondoy Music) to help former families and individuals to re-connect informationally and nostalgia-wise to our days of growng up together in a pineapple plantation community.
All of the information therein is public-domain and in no way violates in any legal or intentional way any privacy issues. It is hoped that some of the history of Kualapu'u and its families is remembered and recorded, including, but not limted to, photos, maps, and written remembrances.

     You can help  by submitting corrections, adding missing names and dates for any and all of the homes/families on the maps. DO talk to the old folks, jar their memories, ask questions, engage in conversation about the "good old days". You'll be glad you did.

     Family album pages  If you wish, I can create for you (at no cost) a "family page" with pictures of parents and children, as modeled by this link: Mondoy, Luciano family  If a family name is highlighted on the map, it means it can link to this family "photo album".  Please restrict contributed pictures to those items not personally sensitive/offensive to other family members. Preferred photos are of: 1) the parents 2) the children 3) the house appearance. Thanks for considering doing this, as it enhances the entire website greatly, putting a human face (literally) on the project. Pictures ought to pre-date 1970; the older the better, the more hanabata-days in appearance, the more preferrable.

     Written remembrance and memories.  A page with all your "talk-stories" will be made available soon. I hope to have such a page of stories cross-referenced by topics. Joni Mina does have a facebook site for just this purpose.  This would a new thing for the website, but may factor as being an important (and possibly only) repository of written descriptions of the lives and activities of pinaepple plantation families of Kualapu'u.

     Wouldn't it be nice to create the same concept for all of the Hawaiian Homesteads families? More on this me your ideas/thoughts.

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