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  At clubhouse 2, remember all that bamboo?  

Back 3rd row: 1.Jack Soares 2. ? 3.? 4.Fernando Abut 5.? 6. ? 7.Tony Oliveros 8.?

Middle 2nd row: 1.Alejandro Cabaong 2.Cipping Pacleb 3.Matildo (Mat) Paz 4. ? 5.? 6. ? 7.Maricio Pacleb 8. Charlie Alkare played snare?

Front 1st row: 1.Richard Abing 2.Jacob Soares 3.? 4. N. Cariaga 5.? 6. Johhny Trinidad 7.Leroy Molenne? 8. John Mondoy 9. ?

Photo courtesy of Florence [Mondoy] Precillas.
Mahalo to Diane Adachi for further identifications.

Photo dated probably to 1945.
Maunaloa Village (acc. to J. Mondoy) had an unsuccessful start with a band.
The Dance Band, in rehearsal at clubhouse 1, atrium

Jack Soares=Bandmaster / Richard Abing=Conductor. The group started right after WW2 ended, 1945.

Photo dates from 1948 says John Mondoy on Bass clarinet, who was a senior then at MHS. Photo courtesy of Florence [Mondoy]Precillas

Back Left row: 1.? 2.? 3.?(can't make out face)
Front Left row: 1. Johnny Trinidad 2. Cosme Garcia 3.?

Back Right row: 1.? 2. John Mondoy 3. Unknown (tuba) 4. Alejandro Cabaong
Not pictured: Tony Oliveros (trombone) The man with the hat could be Aurelio Dumag

Photo courtesy of Florence [Mondoy] Precillas. Photo dated probably to 1948.

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