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CHURCH PORCH 5th row (back) 1. Tina Dumag 2. Joann Colotario (behind her=Margie Dumag?) 3. Dorothea Dumag 4. Unknown female 5.Infant ? held by 6.Tina Dumag 7. Francis Flores? 8.Norma Colotario
Church porch 4th row: 1.Ted Mondoy 2.Arlene Dumag 3.Pete Mondoy 4.Sharen Mondoy (directly above cross-bearer) 5.Cousin Maxie Flores (sp.?) 6. Aurelio ("Big Boy") Dumag
Church porch 3rd row: 1.Regino ("Gaga") Coloratio 2. Alfredo Mondoy  3. Dolly [Shito] Mondoy (at cross-bearer's left shoulder) 4. Nadine Colotario held by 5.?  6. Ray Miller
Church porch 2nd row: 1.Nila [Mondoy] Colotario 2.Emiliana Mondoy (widow) 3.Junior Bustamente (cross-bearer) 4.Trinidad [Mondoy]Dumag 5.Florence [Mondoy] Miller 6. Emily [Frese] Mondoy 7. Unkown male (below Emily)
Church porch 1st row: 1. Unknown child  2.Leroy Dumag 3.Reggie Colotario (server w/ holy water) 4. Pablo Mondoy 

LEFT:   Lawn L. back row: 1.P.I. Bachelor 2.Chinen? 3 Old Man Silva (Gorospe's Dad) 4.Jean Arakaki 5.Richard Abing 6.Tom Arakaki 7.Unknown male 8.Unknown female 9.Yapo 10. Unknown male 11. Tolentino 12.Unknown male 13. Lito Mangobang 14. Paulino Mamuad 15. Server=Dacanay Kenneth? Clement Mondoy 16. Rev. Anselm Gouveia,        Lawn L. seated: 1. Tumbok "Balloon" 2.Teru Manaba

Lawn R. back row: 1. Paula Mondoy, held by  2.John Mondoy, 3. Leroy Dumag (behind cross) 4.Unknown male 5.Unknown male 6. Apolonio? 7.Cecily Kikugawa 8. Art Kikugawa 9.Henry Yamashita 10.UToku? 11.,12. Two males, can't make out faces 13.Bob Yoshimoto 14. Unkown male 15.Old man Arakaki, 16. Unidentidied female 17. Bro. Leo Vendiola, 18. Bro. George Apo, ?
Lawn R. 2nd (middle) row: 1.Razie Lady? 2.Unkown child 3. Unkown female (can't make out face) 4. Uncle Claudius 5. Ernest Takese 6. George Tamura 7. Leslie Tamura. 8.Unkown male
Lawn R. 1st row: 1. Patrick Mondoy 2.Robert Mondoy (both to right of casket) Florals, then: 3. (Ramon)? Andrin 4. Dencia Cartena 5. Manang Pestana. 6. John Kikugawa?

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