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South Kualapuu
Notes from Rob: What we normally called '"New camp" and Old camp" were actually misnomers. 

Houses SW 1-14 and SW 1-15 were actually built ca. 1935-9, the same time as much of  "Old camp" was built!

The homes built by 1939 were collectively called the "New Addition" in their day.

Homes S15-24 and SW 16-19 were added on ca. 1948-1950 (and collectively have a distinctly different floor/plan & contruction materials). Also, given evidence of their kitchen/bathroom construction items, I note the same in the Mondoy's Kala'e house (built 1950). 

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House Ref | Parents names |
 (residence dates) | Childrens' names

      South West Homes
SW 1 Sakurada, Tsugi | Lynn

SW 2 Shimizu, Donald

SW 3 Matsumura, Matao & Elsie
Roy, Jean, Glenn

SW 4 Komata, Masoa & Katsue
Larry, Sharon

SW 5 Morita, Mori & Betty
Elaine, Leatrice, Patsy

SW 6 Sakaida, Tonti & Fusaku
Dane, Grace, Eric

SW 7 Takase, Grandparents (-)
Herb, Ernest
Mondoy, John & Emily
Robert, Patrick, Paula, Timothy, Roy, Teresa, Leimomi Ortiz (foster)
Arakaki, Thomas & Jean (-)
Lloyd, Dale

SW 8 Yoshimoto, Bob & Betty
Patricia, Judy

SW 9 Muramoto, Grandparents

SW 10 Sakurada, Jeep (-)
Sakurada, Butch

SW 11 Toguchi, Meatball

SW 12 Chinen, Joe & Norma (-)
Terry, Marsha, Wendy
YOU can help: Do contact me with your corrections, names, approximate dates so we can truly honor our families of Kualapuu plantation days. My address is at bottom of this page . Thanks, eh...rob

SW 13 Lee,  (-)
Fujimoto, Masutoshi & Tomiko (-)
Claire, Yae, Bruce, Terry

SW 14 Uemura, Goro &
Dean?, Alan

SW 15 Nakamoto, Hiro &
Cynthia(?), Earl, Gary, Charlene

SW 16 Takase, Ernest & Phyllis
Clyde, Neal, Warren, Carla

SW 17 Nohara, George & Lilly (-)
Simabukuro, James & Mary (-)

SW 18 Santos, (-)
DeCoite, Sylvester & (-)

SW 19 Shizuma, Donald &
Eric, Gail (-)
Trinidad, Juan (Johnny) & (-)

     South East Homes

SE 1 Urauchi, John (-)
Sakurada, Tsugi (-)

SE 2 Saito, N. & Nancy
Gerald, Ron, Jean, Melvin

SE 3 Baba, Old man, old woman (-)
Walter, Irene, Dennis

SE 4 Hanaoka, Toru & ?
Stanley, Joyce, Roxanne

SE 5 Tamanaha, Shinichi (Sunshine) & ?
Michael, Ricky

SE 6 Muramoto, Robert & Amy
Eileen, Miki Girl (Fern), Miki Boy (Robert jr.), Kimi

SE 7 Nagano, June (-)
Tamanaha, Koichi & (-)

SE 8 Urauchi, Robert  (-)
Urauchi, John & (-)
Grace, Vicky, Paul (Kenji)

SE 9 Tamanaha, Old man (-)
Tokuoka, (-)
Cheryl, Ted, Edna, Joyce, Diane

SE 10 Adachi, Sonoko & Helen
Gary, Larry, Yuki

SE 11 Takeo, N. & Helen
Bobby, Annette, Jean

SE 12 Adachi, Napoleon ((Nap) & Jane
Carol, Clarence, Gerry, Shirley
SE 13 Nakamoto, Teruo & Agnes
Lorrraine, Roland, Gwendolyn, Sherrie

SE 14 Kudo, Tom & Helen
Tom, Cathy

SE 15 Mondoy, Pete & Dolly (Shito)
Clement, Sharen

SE 16

SE 17 Daniels, Boogie & Aika (d.2020)  (-)
Brandon, Didi

SE 18 Uemura,
Peggy, Chipper, Kathy (?)

SE 19 Tamanaha, Masichi &

SE 20 before '77: Takeo, Fred & Barbara
Steven, Susan, Leslie

SE 21Tamanaha, Bozo &

SE 22 Okimoto,
Baron, Charlene, Candace, Cheryl

SE 23 Abing, Richard & Bea
Richard Jr., Marilyn Santos,
Mary Jane Cook and Bette Lou
Sandy Hoke

SE 24 Pestana, August (-)
Sakaida, Kala (sp?) (-)
Calaona, Eva
Soares (-)
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