Adiós Ke Aloha  Sheet Music: Hopkins Aloha Collection of Hawaiian Songs 1899, 1928)  60

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This key: Ab  |  Use capo III, play F    Solfege:

1. E ku‘u | belle o ka | pō la‘i- | la‘i     
Ka | lalawe | mālie | a ka ma- | hina *
Kōani- | ani mai | nei e ke | ahe
Ā- | hea ‘oe e | ho‘olono | mai?
Ā- | hea ‘oe, | ā- | hea ‘oe
‘Oe e | ho‘olono ¦ mai? **
I | nei | leo nahe- | nahe
Adi- | ós, adi- | ós ke a- | lo- | ha

2. E ka hau- | ‘oli ‘i- | niki pu‘u- | wai
E | ke a- ¦ loha e ma- | liu mai | ‘oe
Ke ho‘o- | lale mai | nei e ke | Kiu
Ua | anu ka | wao i ka | ua

3. Ho‘o- ¦ kahi kiss dew ¦ drops he ma‘ū ¦ ia
E ka ¦ belle ¦ o ka | noe lī- ¦ hau
Eia ¦ au lā ¦ e ke a-¦ loha
Ke ¦ huli hoʻi ¦ nei me ka ¦ neo    [HMA]
Downbeat measure markings are every half-note value, and may differ slightly from [HMA]

* Ka lawe mālie o ka mahina [ACHS], [KBMH], [NMHN]
** ʻOe hoʻolono mai?   [ACHS], [KBMH], [NMHN]
My sweetheart of the still night
As the moon moves gracefully along
Being carried aloft by a breeze
When will you listen to me?

When, when will you
You notice and pay heed?
To this gentle voice
Adiós, adiós my love

Oh happiness that tingles in my heart
My love do consider their feelings
Being urged on by the Kiu wind
The upland becomes cold in the rain

One kiss, refreshing as dew drops
Oh belle of the cool mist
Here I am, oh my love
Returning empty handed

Hua ʻōlelo: Leleōihoku; ca. 1870's  (1854-1877)     ACHS;  verses 1, 2 only
Leo:  ibid.

Downbeat  (pink) | ) markings are original to ACHS.  Downbeat  (blue) ¦ ) markings differ from ACHS and are suggested to reflect current musical / linguistic practice and sensibilities.
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Bibliography: KBMH Ka Buke Mele o na Himeni Hawaii Holstein 1897 (Bishop Museum 2003)
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