Ua Like Nō A Like   Sheet Music: Hopkins Aloha Collection of Hawaiian Songs 1899, 1928)   8

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This key: D  Solfege: slsfrTlls

1. Ua | like nō a | like
Me ka | ua Kani-| lehua
Me he | ala e ‘ī mai | ana
* A- | ia ilaila ke a- | loha

‘O | ‘oe nō ka‘u i ‘upu | ai
Ku‘u | lei hiki ahi- | ahi
‘O ke | kani a nā | manu
I nā | hola o ke au- | moe 

2. Ma ‘a- | nei mai kā- | ua
He we- | lina pa‘a i ka | piko
A | nāu nō wau e ‘imi | ana
A lo- | a‘a  i ke aheahe a ka ma- | kani [HMA]

3. He moani ka‘u i honi
Oiai eia i ka midnight
Me na kipona waianuhea
Ka māʻalo i ku‘u maka      [KBMH]

* A- | ia ke ala i kana- | hele  in ACHS

 So like, so very like
The Kanilehua rain
That seems to say
There is one to love

You are the one that I think of
My darling who comes at evening time
Like the song of the birds
Filling the late night hours

Let us two draw together
An intensity sealed deep within
You've been searching for me
And found me in the whispering breeze  [HMA]

Translation needed
Orthographical corrections requested

Hua ‘ōlelo: Alice Everett, 1882 (dob-dod: research needed)
Leo:  Alice Everett, 1882 (dob-dod: research needed)  This arr. by H. Berger in ACHS (I believe Kanahele's comments on Berger's arr. in HMAM pg. 391 to be incorrect: rmm)
KBMH pg. 176

Downbeat  (pink) | ) markings are original to ACHS.  Downbeat  (blue)  ) markings differ from ACHS and are suggested to reflect current musical / linguistic practice and sensibilities.
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Bibliography: KBMH Ka Buke Mele o na Himeni Hawaii Holstein 1897 (Bishop Museum 2003)
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