Music for Feast of
Our Lady of Guadalupe
Dec 12

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Links to sound-clips for your practicing:  GRAND rehearsal Dec 12 5:15 p.m. 2023 St. Anthomy Church, Kailua | Mass to follow

MUSIC during the ROSARY
(Starting 630p.m.)
after the 1st mystery  Santa Maria del Camino (Espinosa) 
after the 2nd mystery Madre Eres Terura  (Tirado)
after the 3rd mystery Mananitas a la Virgen de Guadalupe
after the 4th mystery Las Apariciones Guadalupanas
after the 5th mystery  Buenos Dias, Paloma Blanca
Gathering Song (previous song)

Kyrie (MDPI/Hurd) Rob will intone the verse
Glory to God (Misa Popular/Ward)
Responsorial Ps. Judith 13 (Mondoy) Rob will intone and do the verses
Gospel Acclamation SM 70a (Mondoy) Rob will intone and do verse
Song P.O.G. Dios Te Salve (Sosa)
Holy Holy Holy  (MDPI/Hurd)
Memorial Acclamation  (MDPI/Hurd) in Spanish on rpt.
Amen  (MDPI/Hurd)
Lamb of God (MDPI/Hurd)
Communion Procession: Immaculate Mary (arr Blakesley)
        Note: NOT the same way as original that you sing; this one is “jazzy”
Leavetaking Song Las Apariciones Guadalupanas