Filipino Music in Liturgy

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Music for Sunday worship in the Filipino style: Collections Click on the GRAPHIC or PICTURE for each publication's details

"Music for the Liturgy from the Filipino Culture"  A collection of 10 songs from the Philippines liturgical repertoire, translated and arranged for use in Hawai'i. Commissioned by the Diocesan Congress of Filipino Catholic Clubs, 1986. Click on the boof, left.





"A Responsorial Psalter in the Filipino Style" Written in the kundiman & harana Filipino music styles (a type of habanera rhythm for some) , the fervency of both psalm and inculturation shine forth in these settings. These are probably the first such psalm-settings of their type in Hawai`i and on the mainland.  Piano accompaniment included. These seasonal psalms cover the entire church year. CD also available for purchase
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"A Responsorial Psalter in the Filipino Style" The CD (2008) CDFP0306   
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mp3 samples:  FP03:
271 "The Lord is My Light" (Kundiman)
Psalm 334 "They Are Happy" (Harana)
Psalm 421 "As The Deer That Yearns" (Harana)
Psalm 1111 "Keep in Mind" (Kundiman)
Psalm 1112 "Know That The Lord" (Kundiman)
Psalm 921 "It Is Good to Give Thanks" (Harana)
Psalm 1282 "May the Lord Bless Us" (Harana)
Psalm 233 "I Will Dwell in the House of the Lord" (Harana)
Psalm 893 "All my Life, I Shall Sing" (Harana)

FP06: These psalms, though Filipino-style-informed, go far beyond the original Filipino models; quite refreshing....
Psalm 44 "Lift up the light, O Lord" (Kundiman)
Psalm 235 "Though I should walk Death's Dark Valley"( Kundiman)
Psalm 234 "The Lord is My Shepherd" (Harana)
Psalm 257 "All Those who Wait for You, Lord" (Harana)
Psalm 347 "Taste and See" (Harana)
Psalm 423 "My Soul Thirsts for God" (Kundiman)
Psalm 634 "My Soul is Thirsting for you" (Harana)
Psalm 1225 "I Rejoiced when I heard them say" (Harana)
Psalm 1304 "Out from the Depths" / "Rich is God's Mercy" (Kundiman)
Psalm 1034 "God's Love is Beyond All Ages" (Harana) ('08)