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Many (pdf) publications of particular items can be downloaded from the website, especially the larger book-collections and the most popular items.
However, many are best accessible (especially the Lira material) by way of a dropbox account. Read below:

    Interested individuals or Music Amateurs desiring sheet music for personal home use:

Teachers & Directors can download from my download sites gratis (free) for a personal review copy, but really need to pay for items when used and/or photocopied. I need your support in order to continue providing music materials in this manner. Go to one of the above download sites to download/purchase an available item or book, all in pdf format. If you're having trouble accessing any download site,contact me (or below); you may need a user name and password to that download site. Customers with active or pre-arranged reprint licenses can download or request anything, anytime. Read on...

Payment Instructions  :-) mahalo for your check or non-coin cash!
     MAIL payment to:
        Robert Mondoy
        1555 Pohaku Street Apt. B-104  
        Honolulu HI 96817

Purchasing a printed ("hard") copy.  Price is listed as "Print".  This purchase method is tricky.  Contact me first concerning the collection's printed copy availability as many items are currently being re-typeset and updated, a massive on-going project for me. I'll get back to you via e-mail or a phone call if & when I can prepare a printed copy, along with suggested payment arrangements.  Reason: I don't have a standing stock...I only print collections/ units as needed, and do a gbc binding...May take a long while, if you're patient. Referred to the "Print Cost". Postage & packaging (US Postal service) will be added.  You'll be invoiced via e-mail or snail mail.  Upon payment, I'll mail the item to you. Because of the time (and possible confusion) involved, do contact me directly about this type of order; (808) 845-8405. Thank you!