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PHOTOCOPYING   Thank you  very much for using our publications for your teaching program. Mahalo nui loa! You can re-print any piano sheet music for  @ $1.00 per song per student. I suggest that you invoice this cost to your individual students' text fees.
 Music Teachers and Directors have conditional liberal authorization to copy any of my published materials. The bottom of the first page needs to have the following wording:


        (Year) Mondoy Music 1555 Pohaku St. B-104 Honolulu HI 96817 808.845.8405. All rights reserved.
        Go listen to this music: www.mondoymusic.com.
        If this is a photocopy, your teacher (or director) has arranged to pay $1.00 royalty for each unit. Mahalo.

and requires a submission of annual or semi-annual payment of royalties ($1.00 per unit per title), based on your record-keeping. This makes our sheet music eminently affordable and immediately accessible. Call or e-mail me for more details if you wish.
Special rates available upon request. I rely on your honesty and fairness for payment. Mahalo.

 SNAIL MAIL payment to:
    Robert Mondoy
    1555 Pohaku Street Apt. B-104
    Honolulu HI 96817

There is no need to itemize or write up an invoice. Simply submit the payment.
If you do need an invoice for business purposes, while in my website, fetch a Business Invoice Form

Music File Service via INTERNET

If you would like  a copy of the printed sheet music of any Mondoy Music composition/arrangement, we can e-mail a print-able and play-able music file to you for your home or school computer. It's cost and time-effective, and perfect for reviewing music before deciding to purchase. Only for PC Users; Mac Users can only be served with a pdf file; call me first. You can e-mail me mondoymusic AT gmail DOT com or call me (808) 845-8405 (1-888-845-8405 toll free) with your questions, and/or go to Music File Service Instructions.

If you are a Professional Musician, a Director of Music in a Church, or a Piano Teacher, there is no fee until you decide to distribute the music file (see above) for use among your musicians, choir members, or students. You are welcome to review the music file gratis.