Behold New Signs of Sanctity (St. Francis of Assisi) by Robert M. Mondoy (2006)
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1. Behold, new signs of sanctity, deserving praise in high degree, O wonderful and fair to see, in Francis' marvelous legacy.
2.Before the world's astonished view arise the life and Order new whose holy rules again renew the evangelic counsels true.
3.For naught but poverty he yearns; from riches he in loathing turns; All earthly things now Francis spurns, despising all the world's concerns.
4. His flesh by penance is subdued, transfigured wholly and renewed; The Scriptures are his daily food; all base desires he does exclude.
5.We pray you, by the cross's sign marked on your flesh, whereby consigned the world, the flesh, all things malign, to conquer these with heart benign.
6. O Francis, take us to your care, protect us here from every snare, that we your great reward share a life of joy beyond compare.

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Text: from the Franciscan Lectionary (Sequence), alt. rmm.
Tune: Robert M. Mondoy, (b. 1952 )2006 Mondoy Music 1555 Pohaku St. B-104 Honolulu HI 96817. All rights reserved. Mahalo for calling before photocopying 808.845.8405. All rights reserved. Used with permission.
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