Litany of the Holy Spirit  James Hansen, 1986 , arr. Liu
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Soprano Alto

Tenor    Bass

Come, Spirit of God. Holy Spirit of God.

1. Your Spirit, Lord, is truth, may it make us free
2. Your Spirit, Lord, is wisdom, may it teach us the needs of our neighbors.
3. Your Spirit, Lord, is fire, may it burn us with love.
4. Your Spirit, Lord, is prayer, may it open our hearts to each other.
5. Your Spirit, Lord, is joy, may it delight and lighten our world.
6. Your Spirit, Lord, is enriching, may it reveal our poverty.
7. Your Spirit, Lord, is freedom, may it release us from hunger.
8. Your Spirit, Lord, is gentleness, may it show us peace.
9. Your Spirit, Lord, is hope, may it fill the promise for which we yearn.
10. Your Spirit, Lord, is life, may it rescue us from death.
11. Your Spirit, Lord, is peace, may it calm our restlessness and worry.
12. Your Spirit, Lord, fills the universe, may it live with us for ever.
13. Your Spirit, Lord, renews the earth, may it mend what is broken, raise up what is beaten down, relieve the pain, pacify the chaos, may it renew our hearts.

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