(#). Ka Mea 'Oe from  "New  Sacred Music for Hawaiian Language Chorus Vol. 2: Hawaiian Catholic Community" by Robert Mondoy

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 1.Ka mea ‘oe i ala a’e ai
Ku’u ‘uhane mai ka make mai

Hui:   Nou n au e ku’u Haku
Nou n au a mau loa aku

2.I k aloha nui launa ‘ole
Ma kou ke’a ka’a ku’u ‘ai

3.Pau ka hh, ua hemo ka hewa,
Kala ka Haku a ola ke kau

4.Ke kuleana e ola mau ai
Me ka Makua ua loa’a mai

5.Ke kumu ‘oe me ka waena ho’i
A me ka hope o ka pmaika’i
1.You are the one who raised
My spirit from the dead

Refr.I am yours, my Lord,
I am yours for all time.

2.By your love great and boundless
Through your cross my debts are paid

3.Anger is ended, sin removed,
The Lord forgives and the slave is spared (lives)

4.The right and privilege to live forever
With the Father, ‘tis obtained

5.You are the source, the center,
and the outcome of all blessedness

Singable English for refrain:
I love you, my God, my Savior. From your side
I wish never to part. From my soul I sing evermore;
God, most true, I love you, with all my heart.

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Text: The Congregation of the Sacred Hearts, Lira Katolika, 1886  Tune 2007 Robert M. Mondoy. All rights reserved. 
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