He Mele Mahalo from his personal collection of songs. Used with permission, by Puakea Nogelmeier. This choral arr. by Robert Mondoy

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 1. He mahalo nui ko’u
Konikoni i loko nei
I ka nani kamaha’o
I pömaika’i ai 

2.He wehi nö nä pua
Ku’u lei päpahi nei
Pa’a pono i ke kaula
O ke aloha ë 

3.‘O ke aloha ho’i
Ka i hänai mai
Pau a’ela ka pöloli
A he mä’ana nö 

4.Ha’ina ka puana
I ka nani o ke ao
He mahalo nui ko’u
Ua pömaika’i nö 
1.I have a deep appreciation
Pulsing here in my heart
For the amazing beauty
Of the blessings I receive

2.Each blossom is an adornment
In this lei of glory I wear
Held securely by the cordage
Of affection for one another

3.Love is certainly the thing
That nourishes and sustains me
Hunger is gone and done with
For I am always satiated

4.Let the story be told
To and for the beauty of this world
I have a deep appreciation
Indeed, I am blessed

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