Take and Eat Michael Joncas, 1989
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Take and  eat; take and eat: this is my body given up for you. Take and drink; take and drink: this is my blood given up for you.

1. I am the Word that spoke and light was made; I am the seed that died to be re-born; I am the bread that comes from heaven above; I am the vine that fills your cup with joy.
2. I am the way that leads the exile home; I am the truth that sets the captive free; I am the life that raises up the dead; I am your peace, true peace my gift to you.
3. I am the Lamb that takes away your sin; I am the gate that guards you night and day; You are my flock; you know the shepherd's voice; You are my own; your ransom is my blood.
4. I am the cornerstone that God has laid; A chosen stone and precious in his eyes; You are God's dwelling place, on me you rest; Like living stones, a temple for God's praise.
5. I am the light that came into the world; I am the light that darkness cannot hide; I am the morning star that never sets; Lift up your face, in you my light will shine.
6. I am the first and last, the Living One; I am the Lord who died that you might live; I am the bridegroom, this my wedding song; You are my bride, come to the marriage feast.

Soprano Alto

Tenor    Bass

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