Iesü Me Ke Kanaka Waiwai  by Johnny Almeida, arr. Robert M. Mondoy,Calvin Liu 2011 Click right for best
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 1. Ma ke ala hele 'o Iesü i häläwai aku ai Me ke kanaka, 'öpio hanohano kaulana i ka waiwai Pane mai ë ka 'öpio "E ku'u haku maika'i he aha ho'i ka'u e hana aku ai i loa'a ë ke ola mau?"

Hui: "E hä'awi, e hä'awi lilo i kou mau waiwai Huli a hahai mai ia'u i loa'a ë ke ola mau"

2. Minamina ë ka 'öpio i kona mau waiwai I ke kü'ai a hä'awi lilo aku i ka po'e nele a hune
Huli a'e 'o Iesü lä pane aku i ka 'öpio "A'ole a'e hiki ke kanaka waiwai i ke aupuni o ka lani" Hui
1. In the travels of the good Lord Jesus, while preaching God's holy word To all the people, he spoke in parables, bringing joy to all of those who heard. Then one day a rich young man approached him, seeking his sound advice, "Oh master, tell me, please, you know the way of love. Tell me what to do to gain true life. Hui

2. Then the rich young man felt very saddened for he had wealth and power. Jesus asked he sell all he had to feed the poor, leaving all to follow him that hour. "If you want the kingdom, leave your riches; seek only God above, Then you shall see the grace of heavenly peace in the kingdom of divine love." Hui

Singable English by Robert M. Mondoy

An excellent translation can be found in "He Mele Aloha", (Wilcox, Hussey, Hollinger, Nogelmeier, 'Oli'Oli Productions, L.L.C. 2003) pg. 108

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