174. Sing All God's Creation from  "Lira no ka Po`e a ke Akua" Hymnbook [Guitar Edition] ed. Robert Mondoy
SJV: BH 261

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1. All of the mountains echo the glory,
Valleys and forest streams laugh out in glee;
E nä pöhaku retell the story with all the pali enthroned by the sea.

Refr:: Sing, all God's creation, share with us your glory.
Praise with jubilation; love evermore
or Hui: E honua nei, e aouli nani,
E hïmeni ‘oukou me pu’uwai

2. Strength of volcanoes torching the forests,
New land that shapes and restores life anew.
Calm of mälie, Kona winds' chorus speak to us all that God's goodness is true.
3.Rage of the seastorm, whitewashing beaches,
Red muddy streams reaching far past the land.
Sunshine through storm clouds, warm where it reaches, teaches the earth all the love of God's plan.
4. Fish of the ocean, reef at the sea's edge,
Weke and pühi, the päpä, the sand.
Marshes and mudhens, herons and 'ohe, Ka Makua blesses them, small and grand.
5. Liko lehua, bamboo and 'ohai,
Flowers that rival the rainbows at dusk.
Sunrise's shouting, stars hush the night sky; Cycle of life teaching heavenly trust.
6. Ola mau loa, this is the wonder;
Life conquered death through the love of the Son.
Sky celebrates it, shouting with thunder. All life has meaning because of God's love.

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Text ©1982 Robert M. Mondoy  Tune: Ahe Lau Makani, by Lili'uokalani . Arrangement ©1982 Mondoy Music.  All rights reserved. Used with permission.
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