189. Tell Out My Soul from  "Lira no ka Po`e a ke Akua" Hymnbook [Guitar Edition] ed. Robert Mondoy
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 (Leo: Imi au`ia `oe)

1. Tell out my soul the greatness of the Lord.
Un- | measured, his grace gives my | spirit voice.
And | tender to me the | promise of his word.
in | God shall | my heart rejoice.

2. Tell out my soul the greatness of his name,
Make | known the deeds his right | arm has done.
His | mercy sure, from | age to age the same.
His | holy name: Lord, mighty | one.

3. Tell out my soul the greatness of his might,
All | hea-venʻs strength lay their | glory by.
Proud | hearts and wills are | put to flight.
The | humble and poor lifted | high.

4. Tell out my soul the greatness of his word,
His | promise is firm and his | mercy sure.
Tell | out my soul, the | greatness of the Lord,
That | all praise his name ever- | more.

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Text: Based on Luke 1:46-55: Timothy Dudley Smith, b.1926, @Oxford University Press, alt.  Used with permission. All rights reserved.
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