230. ʻO Kou Aloha Nō (Queenʻs Prayer)  from  "Lira no ka Po'e a ke Akua" Hymnbook [Guitar Edition] ed. Robert Mondoy  [SJV: BH 252 ]
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1. ʻO kou aloha nō    Aia i ka lani,  A ʻo kou ʻoia ʻiʻo   He hemolele hoʻi

1e. Oh Lord, give us your light, your kindness from above.  The skies tell of your truthfulness, the rainbows, of your love.

2. Koʻu noho mihi ʻana   A paʻahao ʻia   ʻO ʻoe kuʻu lama  Kou nani koʻu koʻo

2e. Behold our broken world, the sins and grief we bear; But you are there to give us light, your glory shows your care.

3. Mai nānā ʻinoʻino   Nā hewa o kānaka   Akā, e huikala  A maʻemaʻe nō

3e. Turn now, and grant your peace To those who live in night, But grant us your forgiveness and cleanse us by your might.

4. No laila e ka Haku    Ma lalo o kou ʻēheu    Ko mākou maluhia   A mau loa aku nō.

4e. Come, Lord, and bear us up;  With you our hearts will soar.  Beneath your wings; your peacefulness and love forever more.  Amen.
English (by Liliʻuokalani)
1. O Lord, your loving mercy
Is higher than the heavens
It tells us of your truth
And is filled with holiness

2. While humbly meditating
Within these walls imprisoned
You are my light, my haven
Your glory my support

3. O look not on their failings
Nor on the sins of men
Forgive with loving kindness
That we might be made pure

4. For your grace I beseech you,
Bring us beneath your protection
And peace will be our portion
Now and evermore. Amen.

Translation by Liliʻuokalani

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Hua ʻōlelo; Queen Liliʻuokalani (1838-1917), 1895. Singable English by Robert M. Mondoy (b.1952) ©1996 Mondoy Music.
Leo: LILIʻUOKALANI, Queen Liliʻuokalani.  This arrangement ©1996 Mondoy Music.  All rights reserved
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