Ps.23 1 "My Shepherd Is the Lord" [Nokahaku] from "Hawaiian Psalms ʻEkahi (Volume I) by Robert M. Mondoy [31,791.1] Click right for best
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My shepherd is the Lord, my shepherd is the Lord,  There is nothing I shall want, for my shepherd is the Lord.
Ua malu iā  Iāue,                   ua malu iā Iāue,                  ʻAʻohe oʻu  nele,                        Ua malu iā Iāue
                  [iā ka Haku]                                          [iā ka Haku]                                                                                                           [iā ka Haku]

1. So green and cool are pastures where God leads me, where I can rest and find my heart's repose. So cool and clear are waters where God leads me, there I can pause and revive my drooping spirit.  Antiphon
2. You guide my steps in ways of truth and safety. I fear no harm even in the darkest valley. You are right there to guide me and protect me with crook and staff, with these you make me happy.  Antiphon
3. A feast with all the richest foods you set for me, in sight of foes whose harm has come to nothing. You have anointed me with royal dignity, and fill my cup, my joy to overflowing.  Antiphon
4. I know God's kindness follows me where e'er I go, the goodness of my God will stay till life is done. For when my life is ended I'll find love itself, and I shall dwell with love for years to come.  Antiphon

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