SM 622 Lamb of God  from "Missa Jah" by Robert M. Mondoy
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A                D                    A                        D    A                            E7
||: Lamb of God; Lamb of God, you take away          the sins of the world,    
   Bread of Life, Bread of Life,
   Cup of love, Cup of love,
   Saving Lord, Saving Lord,

        F#m            C#m    Dma7                        E    E7
have mer-cy on    us,               have mercy on us.    :||

        F#m            C#m    Dma7                        E    C7
have mer-cy on    us,               have mercy on us.   
F              Bb                    F                  Dm7     Gm7                        C7        
Lamb of God; Lamb of God, you take away             the sins of the world,
            Cm6/A   D7         Gm7         C7                     F         Bbma7     F
grant us peace.                  Grant us peace, grant us peace.

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