O Lord, Place Within Our Hearts  [Bigyan Mo Kami, Poon, by by Simplicio  C. Estaban, VG]  SJV: No
1. O Lord, place within our hearts a spirit of love thatís true, A soul that knows how to give, A life that is lived in you; A heart thatís aware of suffíring that hears evíry lonely cry, And reaches its love in service, to wipe evíry teardrop dry.
2. O Lord, place within our lives a courage that soon can be, A soul that can stand up proud, A life that is brave and free; A heart not unlike your won heart, a sign from our God above; May we have a heart like your heart, that all may be one in love.

Text: Simplicio C. Esteban/English Paraphrase by Robert M. Mondoy and Chol Aquino, 1986.  Music: Simplicio C. Esteban.  All rights reserved.

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