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The Alma Mater
Holomua, Holomua, How we love your sunny hours,
Holomua, Holomua, Love your rainbows and your showers.
With our hearts we sing aloha To our school and friendships true.
Holomua, Holomua, Holomua, we love you.

Where the tradewinds kiss the flowers And the skylarks on the wing,
Where the white-capped waves of ocean Beckon to us as we sing.
There beyond an arching rainbow, Cloud-capped mountains crown the view.
Stands our school, our alma mater; Holomua, we love you.    
      by Bluebell Harper*, 1st principal of Holomua

Bluebell Harper, acc.to Hawn language newspapers, was in DOE's employ as a teacher in 1933 on Kauai before becoming Holomua's principal in 1935. 
Anecdotal Moloka'i conversation says she was British, however...

Online research produced the following: Bluebell Harper 1905-1991 was born in Ohio. 1940 census: Married to Joe Harper (who became the Hawaii State Prison Warden)
Daughters: Barbara (10), Jo (4) and Nancy (3) Would like to find out more about her, maybe even picture(s).

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A Brief history: 1935-1962 Can someone assist here?..maybe articles/info from the Holomua reunion several years back...
I have no papers, data, etc. unless someone sends me stuff..tnx

Pictures of Holomua School

Class pictures (we could use more, esp of the 1945 all-school picture
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