Mele Aloha O Molokaʻi Songbook
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Before actual publication of this book, I welcome you for input for corrections, typographical and historical corrections, in the same spirit as the Hawaiian language newspapers of yesteryear, whose readers saw the medium as a means of perpetuating the culture and keeping alive an active discourse of na mea Hawai'i.  Your act of downloading the publication draft (by clicking on the buttons below) precludes the following:

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        4.  From time to time I'll post a corrected draft so you can check on the project's development.
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incerely,    Robert M. Mondoy
* Indicates songs presented at NPS Kalaupapa Musical Presentation/Music Jam Session 25 July, 2013 by the Association of Filipino Musicians - UH Mānoa. (a cultutral music club)
E Kala Mai. My enthusiasm surpassed proper research practice concerning the songs "Ki'eki'e Ku'u Pua" and Ku'u Home Aloha" - both songs do NOT originate from Moloka'i. "Ki'eki'e Ku'u Pua" is sourced to Maui (var composers) and "Ku'u Home Aloha" was composed by Bina Mossman, probably to commemorate her new (then) home in Nu'uanu valley.
If you have copies of these 2 songs in your personal collection that came from Mondoy Music, please remove and destroy them.
My sincere apologies for any pilikia I may have caused. RM

All following pdf files are herein presented for educational purposes only.   Any other use of these materials is discouraged. 
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0. Cover / Table of Contents July 2013

     Section One: Oli
1. Noho Ana Laka I Ka Ulu Wehiwehi (Antiquity)   
2. ʻUla Kalaeloa I Ka Lepo A Ka Makani
3. Kuʻi Molokaʻi
4. Kaulana Molokaʻi [Kaulana Molokaʻi E Koni Lā] (Antiquity, via Vicky Burrows)
5. Ka Huakaʻi
(Anonymous, ca. 1860s-1870s)
6. Mele A Kaʻehu Ka Haku Mele
(Kaʻehu,  ca. 1875)
7. Eia Molokaʻi Nui A Hina
("Alaumoe", 1886)

    Section Two: The Legacy of Hālawa Valley
8. Lei Hālawa (Hālawa Community & School, ca. after 1880)
9. Remember, Be Sure, And Be There (J. Elia, 1897)
10. Molokaʻi Nui A Hina (Matthew H. Kāne, ca. 1910)*
11. Molokaʻi Waltz (Matthew H. Kāne, ca. 1910)*
1b. Moʻolelo: Hālawa School
12. Me Molokaʻi [Ka Manaʻo Nō Ia] (Solomon Fuller, ca. 191-)*
13. Wailele ʻO Moaʻula | Wai Huʻi Anu E  (Hālawa Community & School, 1900s-1920s)*
14. Victory Song [Ahiahi Pōʻalima] ("Puna", 1905, commemorating that yearʻs Pae ʻĀina) new for 2015, in preparation
15. Nani Hālawa (David Kālāʻau, ca. 1920) new for 2015, in preparation

    Section Three: Molokaʻi Nui A Hina : Of Valleys, Paniolo, & The Hawaiian Homesteads
16. Ka Paniolo Nui O Moloka'i (Julia Kea, 191-)*
17. Kukui (Leo: Pūpū Aʻo Ewa; Hua ʻōlelo: Anonymous, 1920s-1930s)   SOURCE recording:1930 Molokai Jubilee Singers
18. Pākaikai (Anonymous, attr. to Matthew Kāne, 191-)*
19. Hame Pila (Charles Kaʻapa, 1928)
20. Kalawao (Anonymous, 1920s-1930s)* SOURCE recording:1930 Molokai Jubilee Singers
21. Aloha Molokaʻi (Anonymous, 1920s-1930s)*
22. Hoʻolehua [ʻĀina Hoʻopulapula] (Robert Kamaunu, 1929)*
23. Kalamaʻula (Emma Dudoit/Ida Hanakahi Woo, ca.1922)
24. Hoʻolehua [Haʻaheo No Kuʻu Home] (Clarence Kinney, 1934)*  Another recording:199-? Hailama Farden
25. ʻOlu O Puʻulani (Helen Lindsey Parker, ca. 1935)*
26. Molokaʻi [The Island of Molokaʻi Hula]
(Mary K. P. Robins/Noble 1934)*

    Section Four: Molokaʻi the Friendly Isle
27. Pua Kukui O Molokaʻi (David Burrows, 1920s-1950s)
28. Bayview Home (George McLane, 1930s)*
29. Kaulana Molokaʻi [Ua Nani Molokaʻi] (Alice Johnson, 1930s-1940s)
30. Iā ʻOe E Moloka'i (Helen Parker, ca.1935)*
31. Nani Molokaʻi [Nui A Hina] (Helen Smythe Ayat & Ida Hanakahi, ca. 1940s)*
32. Sunset of Kalaupapa (Samuel Kuahine, 1950)*
33. Honomuni (John Piʻilani Watkins, 195-)*
34. ʻĀina ʻO Molokaʻi (Peter "Kai" Davis, probably late 1950s)*
35. Ua Nani Molokaʻi (Leo: Honaunau Paka by Rose Alai Akona Peters, late 1940s, Adapted 1950s)*
36. Molokaʻi [Kāua I Ka Nani Aʻo Molokaʻi]
(Ivy Hanakahi Woo, 1960s-1970s)*

     Section Final: Footnotes

    Section Five: Molokaʻi Nō Ka Heke
33. E Hīhīwai (Dennis Kamakahi 1970?)
34. Wahine ʻIlikea (Dennis Kamakahi, 1970?)
35. Nā Makani ʻEhā (Dennis Kamakahi, 1972?)
36. He Nani Nō Kalaupapa (Solotario, ca 1975?)
37. Koʻolau [Nani wale nō ʻo Hālawa] (Weymouth Kamakana, Jr., 1989)
38. Kāʻana (John Kaʻimikaua, 199- )
39. Kaulana Waialua Aʻo Molokaʻi (Amy Hanaialiʻi Gilliom, 1997)
40. Anakahi (Amy Hanaialiʻi Gilliom, 19-?)
41. He Aloha Molokaʻi (Michael Nālanakila Casupang & Karl Veto Baker, 1999)
42. Pua O Molokaʻi (Pekelo Cosma, 2006)
43. He Nani Moloka'i [I kaʻu ʻike] (Kenneth Makuakāne, 2006)
44. Halawa (Raiatea Helm 2007)  Raiatea says that this song is about the Hālawa on 'Oahu
45. Lei Ana Molokaʻi (Kawaikapuokalani Frank Hewett, 2008?)
46. Puʻu Kōlea (Kawaikapuokalani Frank Hewett, 2008?)
47. Aia I Moloka'i I Kuʻu Lei Nani (Kawaikapuokalani Frank Hewett, 2008?)
48. E Ola Ē Moloka'i (Lono, 2009)
49. Kuʻu Kaona Kaunakakai New by rm/pn
50. Laʻe Ka Laʻau New by rm /pn

    Section Six: Moloka'i Religious Faith and Saints

    Section Seven: Other 20th Century Songs
The Cockeyed Mayor of Molokaʻi (R. Alex Anderson, 1934)
Hālawa Mine (David Kālāʻau, 197-?)
I Love You, Molokaʻi (Doctor E.S. Goodhue, David Kālāʻau, ca. 1965)
Lovely Molokaʻi (R. Alex Anderson, 1976 )
Pukaulua (Pilipo Solotario, ca. 1970?)
Nā ʻOpio o Molokaʻi (Ivy Hanakahi Woo, 1976)