39. Other Songs composed celebrating Sts. Damien and Marianne
from "Mele Aloha O Moloka'i  Beloved Songs of Moloka'i : A collection compiled, transcribed & edited by
Robert M. Mondoy

Saint Damien de Veuster SS.CC.  Feastday: May 10

Damien the Blessed (Saint Damien)  Patrick Downes, 1994

Kamiano Aloha (Mele hula style: 3 versions)  Nogelmeier/Mondoy, 2009 http:\\mondoymusic.com\sounds\Lira\KamianoAlohaMele.htm

Kamiano  Joe Camacho, 1997

A Faithful Son of Sacred Hearts  Robert M. Mondoy, 2009 http:\\mondoymusic.com\sounds\Lira\295_AFaithfulSon.htm

The Heart of Damien  Patrick Downes, 2009

Saint Marianne Cope OSF Feastday: January 23
Blessed Mother Marianne (Saint Marianne)  Patrick Downes, 2005 http:\\mondoymusic.com\sounds\Lira\297_BlessedMotherMarianne.htm

The Heart of Our Saint Marianne [Leo: Ka Makani Kaʻili Aloha]
Sr. Marie Romano, Alt/arr Liu, 2012

Maliana Maikaʻi (In Hawaiian, ʻAuana: Slack-key Style) Nogelmeier/Mondoy, 2012
Maliana Maikaʻi (In English, ʻAuana: Slack-key Style) Nogelmeier/Mondoy, 2012
both are at: http:\\mondoymusic.com\sounds\Lira\298_MalianaMaikai.htm

Ode St. Ann  Henry Berger, 1917     

To See the Infinite Pity  Robert Louis Stevenson, 1889 / Music: Mondoy, 2012 http:\\mondoymusic.com\sounds\sounds\ChoirRehearsal\Anthems_MMOrig\ToSeeInfintePity_Marianne_Stevenson.htm

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