Kamiano Aloha (Mele)  from  "Lira no ka Poʻe a ke Akua" Hymnbook [Guitar Edition] ed. Robert Mondoy  [SJV: BH    ]    

No Beliuma ʻo Kamiano
Ka ʻelele manaʻoʻiʻo
He aloha ʻeuanelio

He kauā na ke aloha
i ko uka, pili_i ko kai
Lawelawe mai ʻō_
a ʻō

Mau a mau ka pilina
I ka ʻāina, i ke kanaka
He puʻuwai laʻahia

He laʻana i ka pono
ʻO Kamiano Aloha
Aloha mau loa ē

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From Belgium came Damien
The faithful messenger
Revering the gospel of truth

A humble servant of mercy
For uplanders and shore folk*1
Serving throughout the land

With ties everlasting
To the land and its people*2
Truly a sacred heart*3

An emblem of sanctity
Beloved Damien
Love that has no bounds

*1 Whether in Puna, Kohala, or Moloka'i, Fr. Damien went everywhere to be with his parishioners, hiking the pali on foot, riding in canoes, and horse riding for miles. *2 Saint Damien truly loved his people, and spoke Hawaiian. He treated all with dignity and respect, and expressed compassionate solidarity with the ill in life and in death. *3 Damien was a member of the missionary Congregation of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary. Born in Tremoloo, Belgium in 1840, he died in Kalawao, Moloka'i in 1889. His feastday is celebrated on May 10, the day he arrived in Kalawao.

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