295. A Faithful Son of Sacred Hearts by Robert M. Mondoy
1. A faithful son of Sacred Hearts, his own heart set aflame, And set aglow with ardent joy within his peasant frame. This Brother Damien left home and all he owned behind, To work a greater good for all and seek the will divine.
2. A missionary fired with love of God's profound good news; Untiring zeal and boundless joy undimmed by earthly view. And father Damien in faith chose Kalawao to stay, Reached out his hand, embraced the sick to serve without dismay.
3. He was a servant of the poor, a sacrament of love, Restoring hope in life itself and faith in God above. Here saintly Damien did hearts and many needs attend. Saw Christ in illness, young and old, all of whom called him friend.
4. And when the Master called to share the cross he'd gladly bear, Like Christ, he bore it bravely, and he joyfully did share, The peace of God's sweet saving grace, a charity profound That moved his world to undertake love's cause the globe around.
5. As Church we are all gently called to live our Kalawao; Be generous servant leaders now, our hands upon the plow, To till the soil of tears and pain, sow seeds of joy and light, Like Damien, to give our all and love with all our might.
6. Our work of love is but begun, God's call is now and nigh, Baptism-called, with Damien, we now identify. God is within us faithfully, and in our lives lays claim, To charity, such splendid light; his vibrant love acclaim.
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