291 Damien the Blessed by Patrick Downes, arr. by Robert M. Mondoy, 1994  from  "Lira no ka Po`e a ke Akua" Hymnbook [Guitar Edition] ed. Robert Mondoy  [SJV: BH    ]  

1. Damien the blessed,* hope for the forsaken.         
Comfort of the broken, servant of the poor;
From a distant country, to a land forgotten,
You took an outcast’s cross to suffer and endure.
In a desolate place, filled with anguished cries,
You found Jesus our Brother, in distressing disguise.

Servant of the Father, servant of his people,
May we, like you, be gifts of God’s abiding love.

2. Damien the blessed, you saw desolation,
You brought liberation, with your gentle touch.
Imitating Jesus, with your heart wide open,
You gave away your life to those you loved so much.
Like a shepherd you served, you sought souls who were lost,
With strong arms you embraced them, without counting the cost.

Servant of the Father, servant of his people,
May we, like you, be gifts of God’s abiding love.

3. Damien the blessed, in a land of rainbows,
To a place of shadows they call Kalawao,
In your master’s footsteps, bearing hope and comfort,
You brought new life beneath the Pali’s furrowed brow.
You found solace and peace, with the Lord by your side,
And the source of all healing as your comfort and guide.

Servant of the Father, servant of his people,
May we, like you, be gifts of God’s abiding love
*2009 Alternate: Damien our brother
2009 Hawaiian: E Kāna Kamiano (St. Damien)

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