Lira no ka Po‘e a Ke Akua [Hawaiian Hymnal]   April 2001
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Update & Information, April 2001

Revisions & Translations

The editors of the "Lira" will be commencing  on proof-reading, corrections, and better, singable Hawaiian translations beginning in the Spring of 2002. Please remember that this project is time-consuming because it is a volunteer, non-profit (not even break-even!) venture. This final revision may produce a "definitive" collection. This doesn't mean you should wait. The draft versions of the "Lira" are readily available (only from Mondoy Music), so see below. Parishes and communities are encouraged to incorporate local religious music, and this is easily done by printing your own leaflets or booklets with the music or with words only (you can re-type them to make your own custom-made parish local songbook).

Instrumentalist/Choir Edition

The "final" edition of the Instrumentalists' Book will still have a  floating closure date.  Purchasers of any of the "draft" editions ["Maui, Kaua‘i, Kapalama"] can credit/swap their older editions with this eventual "final" edition. You need only pay the difference on what you originally paid for your first book. New purchaser's price not yet determined; probably around $25. However, do remember, you can reprint copies now for yourself and your music ministry. This "final" edition of the Instrumentalists' Book will have a table of contents and a Topical Index. If you need a table of contents, click here: Lira Table of Contents.

Assembly Edition

The Assembly Book may be pau around the same time the Instrumentalists' book is pau. The current assembly edition of the Lira [so far] is primarily used as a photocopy-resource so that the parish can print their own leaflets/seasonal booklets for the assembly; mostly a words-only  resource.   Call me or e-mail me for a $7.00-cost copy of this Lira assembly version for your use.  Each parish will need but a few of these assembly books lying around for planning/printing purposes.

Reprint License FREE

The Parish reprint license will not take effect until after a definitive instrumentalists' book publication (maybe 2002). This way, you can reprint at leisure for evaluative and organizational purposes. I can break even on typesetting/publishing costs for the Lira.

Midi Sound Clips

I'm continuing work on a playable midi sound-clip library accessible on any of the web pages that list the music, for example,  "Suggestions for Ordinary Time".  It may take a while, but the midi sound clip collection should be complete someday.


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