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From the Psalter Collections
Psalm 118 5 Give Thanks to the Lord (2006)  Mondoy
Psalm 138 "Among the Angels"  Mondoy
A Responsorial Psalter in the Filipino Style Sheet music & CD available
Sample: Listen to Psalm 271 The Lord is My Light (Kundiman)  Mondoy
Sample: Listen to Psalm 1225 I Rejoiced When I Heard them Say (Harana)
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The Passions
St. Matthew Passion,  a pdf file  Mondoy
Piano Sheet Music 
 Hawaiian Stories & Legends
Holy Week
Ubi Caritas (an anthem)  Mondoy
 Hawaiian Religious Anthems

 Āhea Lā  Kuʻu Halawai     Mondoy 

 Hawaiian Choral Arrangements - for school and community

 Nuʻuanu Wai Puna  Major ("Mekia") Kealakai, ca. 1897  arr. Mondoy