Chrism Mass Honolulu ORCHESTRA Download Page

OK, folks; the green underlined links are PACKS with this order: Wwnds grp, Fl, Ob, Cl, Hr, Trp, Stg. grp., Vln Vlcl .  You ONLY need to print up YOUR part, not the whole pack.    Thanks!   
Hard copies will be available st St. Theresa.

Gathering Song: Great Is the Power We Proclaim [Walker]:

Glory to God [Manolo]: 

Responsorial Psalm:  
Ps. 89 "All My Life I Will Sing [Mondoy]: 

Gospel Acclamation: "Praise to You, LJC" (SM 92) [Mondoy]:

Preparation of the Gifts for 2019 "Ua Mau"  to listen see choir page:
Renewal of Priestly Promises
Blessing of Oils: Pontifical Chrism Processional:

Eucharistic Acclamations:  Fullness of Faith  RM 124-424 [Mondoy]:
to listen see choir page:
Lord's Prayer / Final Doxology / Major mode  RM 501
Lamb of God  Missa de Angelis SM 607
Communion Procession:

 In Remembrance of You [Tate]

   Our Blessing Cup] [Hurd]

Leavetaking: O God Beyond All Praising [THAXTED]