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I do hope that the time you are now spending preparing for your wedding celebration is providing you with new spiritual insights and challenges. With you, I rejoice in your commitment to each other. In fact, the entire community of your family and friends, the church, rejoices with you and supports you, and is thankful for celebrating with you, in liturgy, God's incredible love for you and all his people.

I am a liturgical (church) musician. Your pastor or deacon or a friend has given you my name to introduce to you the option of contracting a professional musician for your wedding day. This person knows me and trusts my ability to serve you as music minister. He may also have a listing of musicians in the parish who can provide you with music. It is worthwhile to note that the liturgical (ritual) life of the church involves celebrations alongside solemnity. The community of faith, besides commemorating the Lord's resurrection each Sunday, celebrates many aspects our daily lives; our births, nuptials, anointings, and deaths in sacramental ways. The power and marvel of the sacraments compels us to celebrate musically. In addition, our own local culture sees music as essential in the celebrations of major events of our lives.

Music in liturgical celebrations enhance the a) Liturgy of the Word, b) the Sacramental Rite, and c) the Liturgy of the Eucharist. An instrumental procession or gathering song begins the Liturgy of the Word, and the Scriptures are proclaimed and responded to with a sung Responsorial Psalm and a sung Gospel acclamation. The Sacramental [Wedding] Rite continues with the exchange of vows and rings, and often a meaningful song is sung during the time of the documents' signing. If the wedding is not a Simple Rite, The Liturgy of the Eucharist follows, and is musically organized along the same lines as a parish Sunday Liturgy. Both the Simple Rite and Nuptial Mass conclude with a special Nuptial blessing and a festive instrumental leavetaking. It is not uncommon to have prelude music performed while your guests arrive before the celebration. Sometimes a songleader is recommended to perform some of the solos and to enjoin the assembly in active musical participation. Other instruments can also be employed to enhance the musical ensemble.

When planning music for your wedding, it is best to leave specific choices to the musician,pfkeyboard.gif (3139 bytes) relying on his expertise and experience. It is good, however, to give your music minister insights as to who is celebrating with you (that is, your guests; the assembly). Participation in the psalm and acclamations is strongly encouraged, but often wedding guests are from many different walks of life. You are still free to offer suggestions or make requests, but keep in mind that the music for liturgy ought to have its texts focus on God's presence in your nuptial love. Even then, some sacred songs may be mis-placed in a planning scheme. 'Commercial' music (i.e., love songs) are best played or sung before the procession begins. A love song during the signing of the contracts is appropriate if it speaks of the virtues and sacredness of love. Most music ministers are well versed in making good and meaningful choices for you. We are here to serve you.

If you would like me to play for your wedding, please contact me, Robert Mondoy, 1555 Pohaku Street B104 Honolulu, Hawai`i 96817. Telephone: (808) 845-8405 or e-mail mondoymusic AT gmail DOT com (you need to retype this - done so to curtail address-harvesting by unsavory parties :-)  There are other recommendable musicians available for your wedding day, if you wish.

My performance rates are competitive; set at $150. I can be hired as your "single" musician, and I usually also serve as songleader/psalmist from the keyboard. I can also play for wedding receptions; the rate is $150 @ . If you want them, additional songleaders' and other instrumentalists' rates vary from $100 to $175.

I look forward to helping you on your special day!

SAMPLE PLAYLIST for WEDDING LITURGIES highlighted items are listenable midi files

FESTIVE Instrumental music for Weddings
 (Instrumental Processional & instrumental leavetaking)
  Trumpet Voluntary in C Purcell | Trumpet Voluntary in D Purcell | Wedding March from Midsummer's Night Dream Mendelssohn | Canon in D Pachelbel | Hornpipe, from Water Music Handel | Trumpet Tune Johnson | Trumpet Voluntary Stanley | Rondeau "Masterpiece Theatre" Mouret | Trumpet Tune in D Johnson

Responsorial Psalms
ORDINARY TIME:   Psalm 128 1 How Blessed Are You [Kalakaua] Mondoy   
Psalm 128 3 May the Lord Bless Us (Harana) Mondoy   |  
Psalm 65 "You Keep Your Promise" [Ho'olehua]
Psalm 34 "I Will Bless the Lord  [Kamo'i]
  |   Psalm 34 "The Earth is Full of the Goodness of the Lord Mondoy
Psalm 67 "O God, Be Gracious" [Makahiki]
  |   Psalm 4 1 Lift up the Light of Your Face [Kainoa] Mondoy
EASTER SEASON:   Psalm 66 1 Let All the Earth [Me ka Nani a'o Kaupo] Mondoy
Psalm 145 2 I Will give you glory [Keoni] Mondoy
  |   Psalm  66 2 "Let All the Earth" (Haugen) ©1983 G.I.A. 6E: A

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Songs during Liturgy 122 All My Days Schutte | 164 Like A Seal Landry | 170 Not for Tongues of Heaven's Angels Joncas | 234 God is Love (O Makalapua) |   other listings in the BH (black hymnal)

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