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loha fellow music ministers in the orchestra: the following web-page is for you to help access/downoad/maintain all our orchestral scores. If YOU have any of our manuscript/typeset scores that haven't been included here, PLEASE PDF pdf those scores to me so I can complete the on-line set. This is important; mahalo!   Each pdf set has part-scores in THIS ORDER, more or less: (listed here so that you can navigate/scroll down to print your part(s)
(often a sectional score)
Bass Clarinet (if any)
BRASS (often a sectional score)
Saxophones (if any)
Trumpet in C  (if any)
Tubular Bells
STRINGS (often a sectional score)
Violin 1 (Violin 2)

Isaiah 12 1 Cry Out in Joy and Gladness MondoySM & Psalms Gray Folder
Judith 13 You Are the Highest Honor Mondoy

001 Happy Are They Haas

004.1 Lift Up [Kainoa] Mondoy Orchestra Listen
008.1 Koali Mondoy
015.1 They Who Act With Justice [Pono] Mondoy Version 1
015.1 They Who Act With Justice [Pono] Mondoy Version 2 (better)
016.4 Lord, You Are My Future Mondoy  Orchestra Listen
017.3 Lord When Your Glory [Kou Nani] Mondoy Orchestra Listen
018.1 I Love You Lord [Aloha Ke Akua] Mondoy
019.6 Gods Demands Are Just Mondoy
019.8.9 Your Just Demands/Your Words O Lord [Koi] Mondoy
022.1 My God My God Mondoy Orchestra Listen
022.3YouAre My Praise Lord [Ua Kea O Hana] Orchestra Listen
023.1 My Shepherd is the Lord [Nokahaku] Mondoy

023.2 Shepherd Me O God Haugen original GIA "C" parts
023.2 Shepherd Me O God Haugen  RM Violin Parts
023 6 My Shepherd is the Lord Mondoy  Orchestra Listen
023.8 The Lord Is My Shepherd Mondoy 2021b Orchestra Listen
024.1 Let the Lord Enter [Mondoy]

025.2 To You O Lord [Mele HIkina] Mondoy
027.2 Light Salvation Haugen
027.7 The Lord is My Saving Light Mondoy

029.1 Lord Bless Your People [Hoomalu] Mondoy
030.1 I Will Praise You, Lord, for You Have Rescued Me Mondoy Orchestra Listen
031.1 Father Haugen
031.2 Father_RMM
031.2 Gospel Acclamation GF
033.1 Happy the People Waikaloa Orchestra Listen  Fl  Ob  Cl  Hrn  Trp  Vln  Vla  Vcl
033.2 Lord, Let Your Mercy Be on Us Mondoy

033.8 They Are Happy Mondoy
033.10 O Let Your Mecy Be Upon Us  [E Aloha Mai] Mondoy
034.2 Taste and See Haugen  RM orch parts
034.3 Taste And See [Makanalua] Mondoy Orchestra Listen
034.4 The Lord Hears The Cry of the Poor [Ue] Mondoy
040.2 Yes I Come (ʻŌmea) Mondoy Orchestra Listen
040.4 My God My Help My Rock Mondoy
045.1 The Queen Stands at Your Right Hand  Orchestra Listen
047.3 God Mounts His Throne (III) Mondoy Orchestra Listen

051.1 Be Merciful O Lord Haugen
051.4 I Will Rise Mondoy
051.9 Be Merciful O Lord [E Aloha Mai] Mondoy
054.1 God Alone [Kia'i] Mondoy
063.3 My Soul is Thirsting Haugen
067.1 O God Be Gracious [Makahiki] Mondoy
067.3 Let The Peoples Exult [Maikaʻi Ka Makani] Mondoy
068.1 O God Be Gracious [Mondoy]

069.1_2_3 In Your Great Love | Turn to the Lord Mondoy
071.1 My Heart Shall Sing [Melenaʻau] Mondoy
071.2 My Lips Shall Sing  [E Mele Au] Mondoy
072.3 Every Nation On Earth Haugen
072.4 Justice Shall Sprout [Mondoy]

078.2 The Lord Gave Them Bread Mondoy  Orchestra Listen
080.6 Restore To Us Mondoy
085.2 Let Us See O Lord Your Kindness (Maluhia) Mondoy Orchestra Listen
089.1 For Ever Mondoy
089.2 My Hart Shall Sing the Greatness Kamiano Mondoy
089.3 All My Life [Harana] Mondoy   Orchestra Listen
090.1 Fill Us With Your Love Mondoy
090.3 In Every Age [Mondoy]
090.4 Listen Listen Mondoy
091.3  Be With Me [NauNoAu] Mondoy
092.1 It Is Good to Give Thanks [Harana]  Orchestra Listen
092.2 Lord How Good It Is to Thank You Mondoy
093 Lord You reign in Glory {He Nani Ke Akua] Mondoy
095.2 Listen [Hoolohe] Mondoy
090.4 Listen Listen
095.3 If Today You hear His Voice  Mondoy

097.3 A Light Will Shine [Alaula] Mondoy
096.2 Go Out to the World I Mua Mondoy "C" by Liu
096.5 Go Out, Go Out [Zambia] Mondoy
096.6 Proclaim Mondoy
098.1All the Ends of the Earth Haugen/Haas
098.4 God Has Made Known arr Mondoy
098.4 God Has Made Known Mondoy arr. LIU
098.4 God Has Made Known Mondoy arr MONDOY 2021 Orchestra Listen
098.5 THe Lord Comes to Rule the Earth Justly Orchestra Listen

100.7 We Are God's People Mondoy
103.5 Lord Tender  [Mālama] Mondoy
104.4 Lord Send Forth Your Spirit [Mondoy]

104.5 Lord Send Out Your Spirit Mondoy Orchestra Listen
107.1  Give Thanks to the Lord Mondoy Orchestra Listen
110.1 Priest Forever Mondoy
112.1 Like A Lamp Kogut
113.2 Praise the Lord Who Lifts Up the Poor Mondoy

116.1 Our Blessing Cup Mondoy
116.1 Gospel Acclamation HT
116.2 I Will Raise the Cup of Freedom Mondoy Orchestra Listen  Fl  Ob  Cl  Hrn  Trp  Vln  Vla  Vcl
116.4 Our Blessing Cup Mondoy
116.5 I Will Walk [Hele] Mondoy
117.1 Go Out to the Whole World [SSCC] Mondoy
118.1 This Is The Day Mondoy Partial Pack
118.3 The Stone Rejected by the Builders Mondoy Orchestra Listen
118.5 Give Thanks to the Lord Mondoy Orchestra Listen
119.2_3_4 Happy are They  Who Fear Mondoy
121.5 Our Help is The Lord

122.1 I Rejoiced When I Heard Them Say Mondoy Orchestra Listen
122.6 I Rejoiced [Ka Hale] Calvin arr.
122.6 I Rejoiced [Ka Hale] Mondoy arr

123.1 Our Eyes Are Fixed Upon the Lord [Nonoi] Mondoy  Orchestra Listen

126.1 God Has Done Great Things Haugen
126 2 Yes God Works Wonders [Likeke] Mondoy
126.3 What Marvels Mondoy
128.2 May the Lord Bless Us [Harana]
130.2 With the Lord There Is Mercy_Haugen Orchestra Listen
130.5 With The Lord There Is Mercy Mondoy 2007 C Part only
130.5 With the Lord There Is Mercy Mondoy Pack
137.3 Silenced Be My Tongue  Orchestra Listen
138.4 Call Mondoy
138.5 Among the Angels Mondoy Orchestra Listen
145 Ordinations "C" Liu
145.2 I Will Give You Glory [Keoni] Mondoy
145.8 We Are Fed By the Hand of the Lord Mondoy  Orchestra Listen
145.10 I Will Exult Mondoy Orchestra Listen
146.1 Happy The Poor in Spirit Mondoy
146.6 Praise the Lord My Heart My Soul Mondoy  Orchestra Listen
146.7 Lord Come and Save Us [Mondoy]
146.8 Praise the Lord [Ka ʻUhane] Mondoy  Orchestra Listen