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loha fellow music ministers in the orchestra: the following web-page is for you to help access/downoad/maintain all our orchestral scores. If YOU have any of our manuscript/typeset scores that haven't been included here, PLEASE PDF pdf those scores to me so I can complete the on-line set. This is important; mahalo!   Each pdf set has part-scores in THIS ORDER, more or less: (listed here so that you can navigate/scroll down to print your part(s)
(often a sectional score)
BRASS (often a sectional score)
Saxophones (if any)
Tubular Bells
STRINGS (often a sectional score)
Violin 1 (Violin 2)


SM & Psalms Gray Folder016.4 Lord, You Are My Future Mondoy  Orchestra Listen
023.1 My Shepherd is the Lord [Nokahaku] Mondoy

023.2 Shepherd Me O God Haugen original GIA "C" parts
023.2 Shepherd Me O God Haugen  RM Violin Parts
034.2 Tatse and See Haugen  RM orch parts
047.3 God Mounts His Throne (III) Mondoy Orchestra Listen

063.3 My Soul is Thirsting Haugen
067.1 O God Be Gracious [Makahiki] Mondoy
067.3 Let The Peoples Exult [Maikaʻi Ka Makani] Mondoy
071.1 My Heart Shall Sing [Melenaʻau] Mondoy
089.1 For Ever Mondoy
089.2 My Hart Shall Sing the Greatness Kamiano Mondoy
089.3 All My Life [Harana] Mondoy   Orchestra Listen
096.2 Go Out to the World I Mua Mondoy "C" by Liu
096.5 Go Out, Go Out [Zambia] Mondoy
098 .4 God Has Made Known Mondoy arr. LIU
130.5 With The Lord There Is Mercy Mondoy 2007 C Part only
116.2 I Will Raise the Cup of Freedom Mondoy Orchestra Liston
138.5 Among the Angels Mondoy
145 Ordinations "C" Liu
145.10 I Will Exult Moindoy
146.6 Praise the Lord My Heart My Soul Mondoy  Orchestra Listen