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(1899; 1901, until 1928)
 The first Hawaiian (notation) Songbook published)
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Aloha Collection of Hawaiian Songs (ACHS) 1899, 1901 ed. Charles (A. K.) Hopkins Walls Nichols Company, Ltd. Honolulu T.H.
Table of Contents & Cross-Reference with Ka Buke Mele O Nā Hīmeni Hawaiʻi (KBMH)  Holstein, 1897, 2003 and Ka Buke O Nā Leo Mele Hawaiʻi (KBLM) eds. Keakaokalani & Bright, 1888 (labeled as  "<1888 " below) This would mean the composition date, if not cited, is at or before 1888.    These midi files include ACHS's original accompaniment and choral arrangements, resplendent in their 19th century musical mannerisms. The melody line of these soundclips reflects current orthographic/diphthong practice. All these songs are public domain, but these midi files, in particular, require permission for use beyond the home & classroom. Information about the publisher, Charles Hopkins, at the END of this page Mahalo.

TITLE    Ref pg ( & midi)  Solfege   Authorship (edited)/Notes (fr. source)

 Adis Ke Aloha    ACHS 060 SSSddTdrLLr         Leleiōhoku / Hopkins (sic) Adieu, My Love. <1888 KBMH 021
ʻĀinahau                ACHS 028 MFSSdrm, rmmffrTd Likelike; Princess Kaʻiulani's home. <1888 KBMH 141
ʻAkahi Hoʻi             ACHS 056 mfmrT, dTLm          Kalākaua; For Once Again ca. 1872. <1888 KBMH 065
Aloha ʻOe              ACHS 006 SdmrdTdLS            Liliʻuokalani; Farewell To Thee 1877. <1888 KBMH 049
Awaiāulu                see Awaiāulu Ke Aloha
Awaiāulu Ke Aloha  ACHS 020 ssmlsf#f, tftlsfm  Mahelona, Lala / Hopkins (sic) The Remembrance... ca.1897. KBMH 152
Forget-Me-Not       see Mai Poina ʻOle Iaʻu
Haili Pō i Ka Lehua  see Nani Haili Pō i Ka Lehua
He Lei No Kaʻiulani   ACHS 026 d'tlsf#lsm   Edwards, John (sic) / Hopkins (sic)  1899 A Wreath for Princess Ka'iulani || same: Pau, John / Moki, W.(1916)  in  FCHS pg. 020
Honesakala               ACHS 076 ref. SSSdrmfmrLr   Thomas Lindsey (sic) / Nape (sic) Honeysuckles ca.1897. KBMH 124
       * Tom Lindsey (in KBMH, Lindsay) was a hapa-haole with a sweetheart. One morning the both of them made a honeysuckle lei and then he went to work. He returned unexpectedly and saw a horse in front of his sweetheart's house. When he looked in he saw his beloved wife in the arms of his uncle. Heartbroken, he left the lei on the door knob. He composed this song in grief and died a few months later (Told by Mrs. Pukui to Noe Mahoe)
Ka Inu Wai             see Maikaʻi Ka Makani O Kohala
Ka Wiliwiliwai         ACHS 084 SSLSFSdm       Liliʻuokalani; <1888 (In Hui Hanai (1899): ca.1890. KBMH 109
     * Lahilahi Webb told Mrs. Pukui that Liliʻu sat on her lanai and became fascinated as she watched the sprinkler turning on the lawn next door. It was the first time she had seen a sprinkler.
Kalākaua's Serenade    see Ka Laʻi ʻŌpua
Ka Laʻi ʻŌpua    ACHS 016 ddddMFSS,SLSF#F  Kalaukoa (sic), Mālie / Hopkins (sic)"Kalakaua's Serenade" ca.1897.  KBMH 172
Kapilina              ACHS 048 mfsd'd'd', tlls,td'rd'tlstd'      - / arr. Hopkins; 1899 United 
Ke Aloha I Hiki Mai ACHS 010 ddTsfTTdm       Kalaukoa (sic), Malie / Hopkins (sic) Flower of My Heart ca.1897. KBMH 114 (Pōkaʻī )
Lei Ohaoha         ACHS 082 mrdTdrmfsls         - / Nape (sic) How I Love to Gaze ca.1897. KBMH 133
Lei Ponimōʻ        ACHS 022 ssf#smddT           Huelani (sic) / Hopkins (sic) Wreath of Carnations ca.1897 KBMH 122:  Luliʻuokalanai / Coelho, William or Huelani (see QS pg. 226)
Mai Poina ʻOe Iaʻu  ACHS 012 (S)mrdSMLSFM   chorus: m'r'd'smlsf    - / Hopkins (sic) Forget Me Not  HMA: Libornio; J.S. ca.1897; also Doiron, Lizzie; repub. 1907.  KBMH 128
Maikaʻi Ka Makani O Kohala ACHS 042 mfsssltd'r'm's  chorus: fmmrrmrSdrm Sheldon, William / Nape (sic) "Ka Inu Wai" / Kohala's Breezes, ca.1880s.  <1888  KBMH 031
Maikaʻi Waipiʻo   ACHS 038 SSdTrL, rd#mrdTLSS    Likelike; Beautiful Waipi'o 1870s. KBMH 120
Makalapua            ACHS 018 sssfmmmmmrmsf    - / Nape (sic); O Budding Flowers Contended, see HMA 164; K2 112.  <1888  KBMH 117
Maui                      see Maui Nō Ka ʻOi
Maui Chimes          see Maui Nō Ka ʻOi
Maui Girl              ACHS 088 ssflsf#sm, sd'm'r'd'l    - / arr. Libornio, I. (sic) 1892 W.E. Reynolds H.I.. KBMH 147
Maui Nō Ka ʻOi    ACHS 014 mfsm'sr'd'msd'           - / Hopkins (sic); 1899. "Maui", Wrapt in Verdure KBMH 127
Maunawili             ACHS 073 mmfmds bis, rrmrTSTdrdd     - / Hopkins (sic); 1899. Hawaiian Hula
Moanalua              ACHS 094 mmfss,sf#slsm',ssmfr', sfsmd'   - / arr. by Prof. David Nape 1896 Wall Nichols Co. Hawaiian Hula
Moanikeʻala           ACHS 078 mfssslsrmd K1: ssslfrd      Leleiōhoku; My Sweet   (King's arr. (K1 068) slightly different) 1870s.  <1888 KBMH 015
Nā Hala O Naue      ACHS 080 ddSSddMS, dTdd    - / Nape (sic) Hawaiian Hula <1888 KBMH 174
Naʻi Aupuni              ACHS 046 dddmsd', sltd'lss       - / Nape (sic) My Wreath of Lehua ca. 1897. KBMH 166
Nāmolokama            ACHS 067 dmrmffmf                 - / Nape (sic) My Love to Thee <1888 KBMH 044
Nani Haili Pō i Ka Lehua ACHS 069 sd'sf#sls bis, stlstd'd' i / Hopkins (sic), My Love to Thee <1888 KBMH 145
Nuʻa O Ka Palai      ACHS 030 SdddSdrm,mfmTdrrmrLSd    Leleiōhoku; The Ground is Strewn <1888 KBMH 082
Nuʻuanu Waipuna    ACHS 032 mmMSmr, rrSFrd Kealakaʻi, Mekia (Maj) / Hopkins (sic) Oh, Tempt Me Not, My Darling  ca. 1897.  KBMH 064
ʻOi Hoʻi Hā           ACHS 058 msf#slssT, rsfrmfm     - / Nape (sic) Upon the Crest of Wailana ca. 1897. KBMH 133
One, Two, Three, Four  ACHS 091 d'tltfstltls        Kalama, S.1892 W.E. Reynolds H.I. KBMH 160
Paʻahana               ACHS 064 MFSmSFrTdrdS,SSmSFrTdrd       - / Hopkins (sic); 1899. Hawaiian Hula
Poli Pumehana       ACHS 040 SdTdrmfsm          Kaʻahiki, James / Nape (sic) Dear Heart <1888 KBMH 018
Pua O Ka Hēʻī       ACHS 052 SSddrddT, Tdrmfsls      - / Hopkins (sic) The Hēʻī Blossom ca. 1897. KBMH 163
Pua Sadinia            ACHS 054 mdfmrddrl, Strmfrmm     - / Nape (sic) Gardenia Flower <1888 KBMH 103
Remember, Be Sure and Be There ACHS 050 SffrrTdrSM,SfrTdrmm  Elia / Hopkins (sic); ca. 1897. KBMH 052 *a.k.a. Moaʻula
Sunday Mānoa     ACHS 071 mfsf#sm's,f#sls#lf's      Holt, Eliza / Hopkins (sic). <1888 KBMH 139
Sunny Mānoa          see Sunday Mānoa (likely a Hopkins typographical error, or the other way around? KBMH: "Sunday Mānoa")
Sweet Lei Lehua  ACHS 044 slsff, ltllss          Kalākaua <1888 KBMH 017
Sweet Lei Mamo  ACHS 086 ref. smddT, lsrfm        Huelani / Hopkins (sic); ca. 1897. KBMH 158
Sweet Violet         ACHS 036 MFSdmrrd, dddTLLS     - / Hopkins (sic); <1888 KBMH 047
Tomi! Tomi!             see Nā Hala O Naue
Ua Like Nō A Like  ACHS 008 slsfrTlls             Everett, Alice; 1882 / Arr. H. Berger, Sweet Constancy KBMH 176
Violeta                 ACHS 024 Sdmsf#slsfmrL      Huelani / Hopkins (sic); ca.1897. KBMH 135
Wai O Punalau     ACHS 034 SsddTdrmfmd       Holt, Eliza / Nape, (sic) Waters of Punalau <1888 KBMH 112
Waipiʻo                ACHS 062 ref. MFLS,. mfmrL    - / Hopkins (sic); 1899.  current solfege: MSLS ....
Wiliwili Wai               see Ka Wiliwiliwai

* These are "liner notes" from a copy in possession of Noe Mahoe; many thanks, Noe :-) This project-page is dedicated to her :-)
< Song text appears in Keakaokalani & J.M. Brights, eds., Ka hoonananea o na home Hawaii: Ka buke o na mele Hawaii no ka pono a me ka pomaikai o na home Hawaii, na ananina hoolaulea a me na aha mele hoonananea, (KBLM) Honolulu: Hale Pai Mahu P.C. Advertiser, 1888. (Info from appendix II in KBMH, compiled by Dr. Amy K. Stillman, 1999)

Some other observations: Many syntactical "anomalies" in KBMH (1897) seem "corrected " in ACHS, (1899) despite ACHS's many typos, added hyphens, and numerous notational / harmonic errors. The English song-texts in ACHS seem to reflect the sense of the Hawaiian.